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They are sometimes considered as bunch of losers. What makes them repulsive?

Social Scientists

Social scientists appear to be a breed of human beings who always clamor over one issue or the other. Their portrayal of current society as the worst makes life gloomy. Whatever anyone will do to make things good, they are the people who will never look at the improvements but on the faults of the person. They believe and try level best to make everyone believe that they are harming the society in one way or the other and everyone except them are losers. Just like the way smoking do to our health.

Makes People Repulsive

Such behavior makes the ambiance around them gloomy all the time rather than cheerful and making the environment repulsive for most. Society is not a utopian society, but it is not the hell as described in their studies.
People are confused as social people show bad picture while non-social scientist focuses on good picture. Many times personnel experiences also contradict with social scientist theory. This makes it difficult for them to make decisions.


It is important that study should be accompanied with some strong and logical solution to make significant, quick and a constructive impact to the development of the society. Secondly, they should maintain transparency and must not hide the positive facts.


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