Software Updates: Why Bother With These Software Updates?

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To be honest about software updates, they have this irritating way of getting into our nerves. I mean why the hell do you keep popping up on my laptop or on my tablet? Most apps are still working fine on your gadget, so chances are everything are still fine. Or are they?


Sometimes the most sensible thing to do with these updates is try even just one. You may have noticed the occasional bugs or those instances where the screen just froze and you don’t know why. A checklist would help what updates to pick anyway.

- Not all updates are automatic

You have to be thankful that these apps are still asking for your permission to update certain features in your gadget. Besides you may not be braced for the changes that will occur in case they settle down. Not everyone is ready for any updates because it removes some features that you are used to having. What happens most of the time is that the new utilities replace the old ones. And you only discover which utilities are those the moment the updates are complete. Getting in touch with the app developer is highly recommended in case the updates end up unsatisfactory.

- It improves security features

Read carefully the updates that pop up once in a while. They may have been telling you about security breaches that slipped through the cracks. Before you get annoyed about them pestering you, pay attention to the message. You don’t want some identity thief sneaking in to get your personal information. And you don’t want your social media accounts getting hacked. Remember that time where some friends replied to your message that you don’t remember sending? That’s how spambots work. Now before these spambots seep into your gadgets, change your password and update security features. Start from those software updates and they would guide you step-by-step to the updates that you needed.

- Your gadget is still different from the gadgets from which they tested these apps

As much as rigorous testing and quality checks are conducted on these apps, it’s still different the moment they get installed in a different PC or laptop. Bugs will pop up. It might even get conflicted with the rest of the apps that you have. And your computer will tell you that. If it can only say “You already have an app like this. You need to make adjustments”, it would. But computers are computers. Expect them to be totally technical about what you need to fix. The app most guilty of pestering you to submission until you realize it has been right all along is Adobe. Either you give in or you just keep ignoring it. It doesn’t have the option called “Don’t show this again” most of the time.

- It may contain improvements that you’ve been asking before

No app or software is perfect. Chances are the moment you’ve been using them, that’s when you realize what it had been lacking all along. For example, you’re working on save word files on your PC. Saving them is easy. Opening them is not. You need to take the Kingsoft route to open a Microsoft Word Document because your laptop does not have a Microsoft Office software installed. Can’t Kingsoft just automatically open what you can’t open with an incomplete software? It happens. If you have tried opening some documents that just won’t open because some apps stop it, the software updates might get them fixed. Be prepared with a credit card though. I would be discussing that on the next pointer.

- You can’t always scrimp on improvements

If the real reason behind avoiding software updates is due to the extra charge that comes with it, start calculating which will cost more later - the improvements that you need to infuse into the gadget or the repairs that surfaced because you keep refusing updates. Software can only do so much until that time it begs for the needed improvements. And software is one of those products now enjoying copyright protection. That meant royalties and licenses paid for them to get installed. You would rather pay the improvements now rather than scramble for the next best fix which might end up costing your more.

Software updates are important. You don’t need corporate sponsored alerts to tell you that. You just need to identify which alerts make sense. If you think your gadget is already too cluttered at this point, maybe pick first you need to get rid of then pick which to keep. Then pick which among the apps you chose to keep needs updating. Consider it a good way to start anew for your techie life.

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author avatar Papa KyKy
1st Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you for your post! I am a bit concerned that Windows 10 forces you to accept all updates, but at the same time, it makes things more secure for everyone.

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author avatar peachpurple
11th Aug 2015 (#)

I update anti vitus and pc cleanups

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