Solar Gas, Fuel For The Future?

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Will solar gas become the new fuel for the future replacing natural gas and regular gasoline?

Solar Gas, Fuel For The Future

With our leaders of state so fixated on the violence in the Mid-East just because of the flow of oil could be disrupted at a moments notice have left gapping inconsistencies in all their rhetoric about how they are doing the publics service in improving the economy. Never before has an elected body whether in state houses or in Washington been so bloated with all that hot air about how they above all are doing such a wonderful job. We see it every day that either Republicans or Democrats are no where near able to cooperate in unity. Ever since 2008 when President Obama was first elected the animosity in Washington has spilled over to practically every state house around the country. Meanwhile the majority of Americas have continued to languish in desperation hoping against hope that some day our elected officials will do the will of the majority and not for just those special interest groups either. What we are witness to today is a complete disintegration of the democratic democracy that was the United States. A complete corruption of government has managed to take root whereby the general public have really no voice in the policies that directly affect their lives and livelihoods.

With the main stream media in lockstep with governmental officials have yet to notify the general public about an energy source that will revolutionize our way of life in ways that will greatly benefit us, the John Q. Publics of America. That's if the government doesn't stoop to levels like our Automotive and Big Oil conglomerates did to the Tucker Automobile back in the early 1950's. Ever since the first industrial revolution man has been obsessed the energy derived from oil. The impact from over 150 years of the extraction, the refinement, and the consumption of oil and gasoline have had devastating effects on all living things on our planet. We are at a critical juncture today. Do we continue to extort the worlds population with our continued fixation with this energy source or do we have the courage and conviction to break free and implement energy sources that will greatly enrich not only the worlds population but will benefit all life on earth?

So far the wealth derived form oil has only reached a few. We have to remember where there is great wealth there is also great power, and with great power comes great control. It is this formula that has predicated mans conscious thoughts through-out the ages. But, like everything else this formula has been used to corrupt the minds of man to the point that more power, control, and wealth will flow into their coffers. We see it today with a great number of our elected officials and corporate CEO's. They are the ones that control the policies that pretty much dictates our fate. The way our economy is going one might say it is being flushed right down the toilet.

The world today really is on the verge of the last industrialized revolution from Internet technologies to now for the first time in our history man has created a new type of gas. An energy source that turns sunlight into a liquid fuel. Solar Gas is the process that takes carbon dioxide and fuse it with hydrogen so that they split from water. The conversion from sunshine and water to a usable fuel has just emerged as a violable fuel source the works more efficiently and produces more power or bang for your buck than regular gasoline. Just think for a moment what this would mean if gas stations around the country opted for solar gas instead of the gas we now fill our modes of transport with now. The ethanol used in gas today would no longer spike food prices because of the corn and grain needed today for our gasoline. The most relevant offset would be a considerable cost reduction in energy and food prices. This would greatly encourage more business growth and the net result would be a much more vibrant growing economy.

But first we have to understand just what is Solar Gas and how is it processed that would make this fuel source the fuel for the future. The technology has been researched for some time but just recently scientists have now been successful in producing a liquid fuel source that combines solar energy and water. One might ask how does it work? The process uses parabolic mirrors the capture the sun's thermal energy at high temperatures and transfers the heat into a chemical reactor. With several heat exchangers that mix water, carbon monoxide and hydrogen results in Solar Gas. When we think of what we go through to get natural gas where we have to drill, dig, and fracture the earth Sun Gas is much easier to process using just the power of the sun process through now state of the art mechanical system that uses just water. It is this process that produces a fuel source that is 20 times cleaner more powerful than original natural shale gas.

The reality today is that now we have a reliable, dependable lower cost more efficient fuel source that can be transported anywhere in the world. A new fuel source that is compatible with our existing modes of transport that use gasoline, diesel or natural gas. Now, combine this with the internet and other green energy technologies like wind, solar and hydro electric no longer will the world be held hostage by the oil conglomerates and our legislatures that are beholding to the flood of campaign cash that always manages to end up in their pockets. Isn't it about time we start doing what is right for America instead using a fuel source that we have relied on for far too long. A fuel source that really is detrimental to the health, safety and well being to just about every United States citizen?


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26th Jun 2014 (#)

Indeed, not only United States, but the whole world needs to reduce its dependence on Fossil Fuels especially Petroleum and its by-products. Well detailed article!

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