Somalia, Sorrow and Al Shabaab

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This is the story of the gloomy, war ridden land in the Horn of Africa on the coast of the Indian Ocean.


They hijacked a Kenyan Bus, from amongst the sixty passengers on the bus,
The gunmen separated the Muslims from the "Infidels", freeing the former,
They tried to take the bus, but it got stuck in mud on the unpaved road, thus,
The "Movement of Striving Youth" headed by Abu Ubeid, killed 28 "Non Believers",
As a revenge for the raids on four Mombasa mosques
and arrest of 150 of there legion,
Here we shed a tear for the innocents killed by the fools, this season, for no sound reason.

Socialist Past

Comarade Siad tried to adapt China-like scientific socialism to the needs of his land, unified by Af Soomaali,
Unity and diversity have there own virtues, but if the Qabil's identity overshadows the patriotic solidarity,
Then dreams like Soomaaliweyn are hard to fulfill, but worse happens when the leader misleads, another folly,
It was to terrorize the Majeerteen, Hawiye, and Isaaq clans, making the oppositions stronger, but there clashes led to more disparity,
Jaalle Siyaad's life ended in political exile in '95, but his remains returned for burial in his home region,
Let us take a moment for the innocents that are murdered in the name of revolution, every passing season.


Those groups of Sharia courts of the Hawiye clan, The Somali Islamists of the xeer system interpreting customary laws, created a Kritarchy,
The Isaaq qabil's Somali National Movement achieved Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Mahdi and Aidid of the USC continued struggles in the capital,
But the Islamic Court Union had to continue fighting with Mogadishu secular warlords who formed the ARPTC backed by the US, none in the direction of achieving autarky,
Finally the victorious ICU started the clean-up campaign, before losing at Jowhar to the Transitional Federal Government, hiding is the award of the surviving loser in the battle,
The suppressed youth of ICU then unified to form the al-Shabaab, the rest wore political masks and made deceiving peace, may be for the greater good, may be for future treason,
But when one turns back to revisit the past, one must take a moment for the innocents that are murdered in the name of revolution, every passing season.

Al Shabaab

The Popular Resistance Movement in the Land of the Two Migrations, an extremist splinter group whose core consists of veterans,
Who once defeated the ARPTC, warned the peace keepers saying "Somalia is not a place where you will earn a salary — it is a place where you will die."
They committed the Beledweyne and AU base bombings, Kampala attacks, Westgate centre shooting, and numerous such atrocities of slaying innocent brethren,
Almost eight out of every ten soldiers in the nations many rebel forces are children, They use all sorts of media in order to spread their lie,
Imposing there Saudi-inspired Wahhabi version of Islam, on the Sufi Somalis, they dream of a Caliphate like there allies Boko Haram, Al qaeda and IS,
Without empathy, equality, flexibility, and reason, innocents will keep dying every changing season, They can keep trying to oppress and repress but be assured of never achieving success.


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