Some Facts About Mobile Application Testing

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The aim of mobile application testing should be to acquire knowledge about the quality of the service that you are offering. Does it work properly or not? Will it provide services as per the expectation of the customer? These questions need to be answered to ensure that the customer comes back to you.

Strategies To Test Your Mobile Application

The mobile application testing services as well mobile device testing is in very demand now. In today's world, you have many opportunities to make what device should your application use, what operating system, what networks will be relied on? Moreover, the list only keeps improving. Why not make things simpler?

Let’s take a look at how you can efficiently tackle mobile application testing:

Manual Testing

Manual and Automated testing are the two important part of software testing. Manual is really the oldest process of testing and interesting around 90% of all testing carried out today's world is manual.

Manual testing is really the first process of every software activities and a developer has to do manual test activities without any sort of automated assistance.

This makes manual process is a cumbersome activity, as it needs various stages such as Unit Integration, System, and User Acceptance Testing and such process require the certain set of qualities; patient, speculative, observant, creative and innovative skills.

Testing can involve in some or all of the following factors:

Language differences and Cultural problems.
Systems administration standards and restrictions
Professional or trade association best practices
Technical design specifications
Functional design requirements
Hardware configuration
Regulatory requirements
Corporate standards
Programmer code
Business purpose

The manual process if performed accurately can figure out and record any software defects or discrepancies related to the functionality of the product. Manual testing can be replaced by automation.

In fact, automation is normally done when the same process is required repeatedly. The manual process is time-consuming and takes a lot of time and cost than automated to write and run.

Such process requires a lot of skills and test the quality of developers as it provides limited visibility. Compare to manual process automated might need less complicated setup and teardown.

Automated testing

Automated testing can actually enforce and driven clean design choices. It gives a safety net refactoring and such process do not create clutter in code/console/logs.

Automated testing is the method in which the organization makes use of a third-party or external tool for executing pre-set steps or instructions to make sure the proper working of the application/product.

A large number of organizations are usually confused about which approach would be the best for their software testing specifications.

Pros of Automated Testing

1.Automated testing also makes the task of running large test matrix as it can be run on various machines at the same time.

2.Automation permits us to run automation in mainstream scenarios which can be quite useful to catch the regression on time.

3.Automation permits us to run automation against a code that changes frequently to help you discover the regression on time.

4.Automation is the ideal approach for those who require running a specific set of tests repeatedly.

Cons of Automated Testing

1.It is not possible to automate visual references.

2.Implementation of automated testing needed a considerable amount of initial expenditure, which is not the case with manual testing.

Strategies to test your mobile application:

Synthetic Users

The system will consider a synthetic user as a regular user and impact as it would to a user. Whereas, in fact, they are many instructions that are processed to execute a particular transaction path within a live environment just as a user would do.

Leverage Cloud

Performing load tests on the can make mobile application testing services practical, as the unit you are testing will have to go through the very same firewalls, network layers, and load balancers that the real end user will have to go through. Cloud also allows you to spread the load sources over various geographies to gain realistic testing scenarios.


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