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There are societies which are formed based on food habits. Some support while others oppose it.


In the past, human used stay in groups which belonged to same religion and ethnicity. This enabled people to live in the community with similar mindset and allowed them to conserve their culture.


Infiltration of the unlawful activities in the system along with development of science and creation of cities lead to evolution of the system.


Rapid urbanization along with issues mentioned in evolution has eliminated traditional community system. People are now coming together to form a new type of society which is based on the ideology and philosophy of the people rather than caste, creed or color.

Creation of new society

Vegetarian Society is one such type of society, which is formed by people who are vegetarians as they believe that vegan diet is good for health and environment. Many people adopt because they love animals and do not want to eat them. Many other advantages have been cited for vegetarian food.
This society prefers to have separate buildings for themselves, as they do not want their relationships with non-vegetarians become sour due to their eating habits. Secondly, it becomes hard for them to tolerate the aroma of non-vegetarian food. Finally, they prefer to have maximum similarities with their neighbors to avoid conflicts. Some believe that non-vegetarian food is equivalent to smoking.


Many non-vegetarian people oppose such creation as they believe it to be discrimination on the basis of caste and religion for not being allowed to purchase houses in areas of vegetarian society.

Open Ended

This is still an open-ended debate. The claims of discrimination are some serious allegations which need to be adequately addressed to ensure peace in the modern society. Some important decisions need to be made by decision making authority.


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