Sreya Ukil type sexual harassment rampant in India

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The sexual harassment case filed by Sreya Ukil indicated the rampant sexual harassment faced by women professionals in corporate India

Sexual harassment of single career women rampant in India

Though the Indian born Sreya Ukil, was working for an Indian company, Wipro it appears that her sexual harassment case will get far more coverage in the United Kingdom than in India. The real reason is that sexual harassment of women, especially those who are experienced and professionally qualified is rampant in corporate India today and most victims of sexual harassment either enjoy the recreational sex or give up on their career.

Experienced brilliant woman professionals who protest against the sexual harassment, will find that indian tax payer money is being wasted to sexually harass, torture them and all the frauds who cheat, exploit the brilliant professional are rewarded with lucrative jobs allegedly in indian intelligence agencies like CBI, R&AW, NTRO, falsely claiming that these inexperienced lazy greedy cheaters have the impressive resume of the sexual harassment victim.

A brilliant experienced engineer from a top engineering college finds that the lazy greedy inexperienced goan sluts cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari slut bsc sunaina are appointed to important jobs allegedly in R&AW,faking their resume, because these goan sluts are sleeping with top officials who abusing their great powers, to falsely claim that the goan sluts, half their age, were their Btech 1993 EE classmate. Other frauds like gsb lead thief riddhi, shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree, asmita patel, veena, ruchika have also got great powers for seducing powerful officials to steal the resume of their classmate.

The experienced single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder finds that she has been denied the information and opportunities she deserved because she did not use the casting couch, sleep with or seduce powerful officials,and finds that well connected inexeprienced lazy greedy frauds are falsely claiming to have her resume,to get great powers. Though the largest companies pay lip service to corporate ethics, allegedly google, tata, paypal and other companies are protecting and rewarding the lazy greedy cheater women who used the casting couch route to success.

Tax payer money is being wasted daily to torture the single woman engineer, humiliate her commenting on her appearance and to sexually harass her at every opportunity. Sexual harassment in India is so rampant that these powerful officials who have studied in one of India's most reputed engineering college do not think that they are wrong in falsely claiming that the goan and other sluts half their age,who sleep with them, were their engineering college classmate

The national council for women, and other organizations which are officially supposed to help women victims of sexual harassment in India are no use for the real victims of sexual harassment, as they rely on lazy greedy women like the shameless goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar who themselves have used the casting couch to get great powers, lucrative jobs


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