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a piece of metaphorical mumbo jumbo as only i could write...aha!
how throughout time man has roasted others in one way or the other....

Non edible Choices...

It seems that with all the goings on nowadays we are being offered choices that are definitely not edible. The barring of different peoples into our country because of their race and religion is definitely not constitutional for America was built on the principle of caring and sharing although that is also a bit shaky as it was stolen from a race of people who were spiritually aware but not too clever at protecting themselves.

However this sort of thing has been going on for time immemorial. Rome did it to many countries in what is now called Europe and even took in its stride the lands of Britannia. Attila the Hun took his crazed hordes across the plains of Germania and Genghis Khan played his life out conquering and established the largest land empire in history.

Green Meat...we are at Stake!!!!!

Alexander the Great spent most of his ruling years on an unprecedented military campaign through Asia and northeast Africa, and by the age of thirty he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from Greece to northwestern India

Not very good stakes/steaks indeed for those people who were not on the same plate.

More recently Hitler bombed the hell out of France and England Poland and Italy and then went in with his knife and fork to make the people in those countries eat crow.

Stalin made mincemeat out of the cultured in Russia turning it into a unitarian plate of chips...look a-likes, think a-likes, talk a-likes a state that could be forerunner of what is happening in other places now.

Then at the time of Robespierre in France the guillotine made short work of bloody necks as the nobility of the land were guillotined ...steak and kidney pie indeed!

We yet have to see the effects of meat turning green and poisoned in countries affected by the new cooks in the kitchen as they gather their knives and forks neatly in a row ready to be used. Probably a lot of hot mustard will have to be used on the steaks and cool drinks to stop the burning in our throats.


as always an inspiration from somewhere....


Attila The Hun, Gengis Khan, Stake, Steak, Steak And Kidney Pie

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Feb 2017 (#)

many thanks Peter...this was fun to write as i had prepared it for Blasting News but they are impossible to work here it is and on my other sites too...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Feb 2017 (#)

i am sure that bloody A person will deride but i will delete her as i have for years...and as so many people do also her insanity and negativity...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Feb 2017 (#)

Food for thought dear Carolina, and eternal shame on human species.
Common folks are herded not unlike sheep from time immemorial.

Politicians declare war at the urging and behest of arms merchants who make money out of the killing of the innocents.

I visited Vietnam last week and in places like Ho Chi Minh (still called Saigon by the locals), Hanoi, Danang, Halong Bay, I found tourists, including Americans, taking in the sights and the loving hospitality. We could roam around at all times of the day unlike in many "civilized, democratic, and modern" countries.

People were anxious to be of help and to think they bore the brunt of the most destructive bombs and poisonous Agent Orange et al!

I told the guide I recall hearing on radio repeated bombings in the port city of Hai Phong and he said he was from that place.

It is time we stopped all types of wars and accepted status quo. If at all our leaders want to have a go at others to satisfy their ego, let them do it by themselves! siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Feb 2017 (#)

hello dear Siva...i love what you wrote as always your caring loving heart shows through your words... blessings of light and love and joy...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th Feb 2017 (#)

Carolina, I was so excited when I signed on this morning and saw your name. I knew your article was going to be good. As always I was very pleased with your words. I truly wish our leaders would learn from the mistakes of the past. Congratulations on the gold star. It is truly deserved. I'm sending lots of blessings your way.

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author avatar Carolina
16th Feb 2017 (#)

hello my darling Nancy...thank you so much for your are doing wonders with your published so proud of you...much love and light to you...

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author avatar M G Singh
17th Feb 2017 (#)

Lovely post and thoughts, just like you.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Feb 2017 (#)

ahhh dear Madan...many to you...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Feb 2017 (#)

She spread the food,
Used disguise.
Did her profession,
Till sunrise.
Stole the Stake,
Called it Love.
Lord have mercy,
The One Above.

Held the poison,
He drank it soar.
She made sure,
He spoke no more.
For this Life,
She wanted Ring.
Now she works it,
All for a fling .

I never said it,
She left in cloak.
Disappeared silently,
In a puff of smoke.
Bringing insanity,
And Manic Life.
As she destroyed,
The Face of Wife.

Wages of SIN,
Its Death to All.
Now they watch,
As tears now fall.
For I never came,
But showed look.
Truth of drunkenness,
Why Earth Shook.

For Baseless Moon,
Now finally sees.
The real reason,
Why all are on knees.
With no other able,
To now hold Love.
For I am who I am,
To my One Above.

I hold no ransom,
Or Tell tale heart.
I pulled the gift,
Of My World Apart.
As Lucifers' Wife,
Kissed Satan again.
Leaving the world,
Now going insane.

For I saw the truth,
In that last cry.
The truth of tears,
As she fell to die.
Showing just One,
Stood up to care.
Putting an end,
To Truth or dare.

For all now cry,
Seeing the note.
Leaving the world,
Speechless on retort.
For Wages of SIN,
Is death To All.
For I never brought,
The Curtain Call.

I rise up again,
In Nature's Arms.
Showing Creation,
All Safe from harms.
For I now hold it,
With Truth inside.
Showing the fact,
The Killer lied.

For all they killed,
Of Life and name.
On hope to gain,
The Tidal Game.
Now unable to see,
The World in grand.
As they see waves,
In ribbed sand.

Showing skeletons,
That proved it all.
Now they enact it,
The Curtain Call.
For I never hurt her,
I called her back.
Whispering silently,
The World on track.

Leaving all kissing,
The Fake Sun.
Lucifers' Wife,
And Satanic One.
Who wanted just all,
Sucking Cherry Tree.
Showing the flow,
On bended knee.

As they toppled,
The Chair of Life.
In hope to cull it,
And humiliate Wife.
Only to find out,
They killed their own.
For I am Solitary,
I bloom alone.

With that the Sunflower,
Now looked in the eye.
Showing all reaching,
Way beyond the Sky.
For I refused to come,
Showing Wages of SIN.
Who trades her flesh,
For the Lust Within.

As she killed the one,
I loved and cared.
And I tread the life,
No one else dared.
Becoming the reality,
In Anthem of Love.
As I Nestled forever,
In the Arms Above.

With that I saved,
The Innocent Wife.
Who was the Lady,
Who ended strife.
Breaking Shackles,
Of Wages of SIN.
Who splurged darkness,
For Satan within.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 17th February 2017

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