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The famous gaming software, Steam, by Valve is making its way onto Macs April 2010. However, was it a good idea?


If you didn't already know, Steam is a massive online community where many of today's latest computer games are released, purchased, and played either in user-made groups online or alone in singleplayer. Steam is controlled by Steamworks, a side-company running off Valve. Valve is known for giving birth to the Half-Life series that has been in existence and continues to be in existence since 1998. Steam has been and always will be a Windows supporter for gaming, but it appears that a new competitor has entered the battle for best in gaming. Apple, creator of the Macintosh OS, is mainly used in the industry today for video/photo editing, music, and office work. The poor OS had never truly been accepted that its power could do more than it was allowed to perform. There the software Crossover was created to allow the Macintosh computers to attempt to play games from the wide array introduced to the Windows franchise. Crossover has overall done an amazing job with its support for many of the past and latest windows games with a few exceptions depending on the game. More people were slowly drawn to macs after hearing of Crossover's outstanding performance. Valve noticed that they could also play a large part in jump-starting the development of games for mac computers and so they announced that in April 2010 the Source engine, the engine that was used to power the Half-Life 2 series as well as, Portal, TF2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, and player made mods like Garry's Mod, would be adapted to utilize the openGL graphics API in order allow source games to be played on Macintosh computers. Also, Valve now encourages developers that develop games for Steam to feel free to make games that specifically work on macs or that are compatible with multiple operating systems. This new feat by Valve will not just allow more games to be developed for Macintosh, but Linux as well because of their similarities in BSD.

Was it a good idea?

This is a very opinion based question, so I will supply you with both sides of the story.

Many agree that allowing Steam and the Source Engine to be compiled for Macintosh was a good idea because of the many new possibilities that could unfold and push our gaming technology ahead faster. If Mac users were to join Windows users on the open Community Steam, it would allow:

1. More minds to develop ideas for interacting with the game in ways that may have never been explored yet.
2. Mac users to play games that don't own a Windows computer.
3. Easy access of games between both operating systems (If a game is purchased on steam that supports both Mac and Windows, then you can download it on either depending on where you log in from).
4. More users will be online in the Steam communities alongside Windows, so more friends will be made.
5. More servers will be available to play since Macintosh computers will now be able to host servers for their supported games.

There are also many people on the other side that believe allowing Macs onto Steam will ruin everything. They usually use the following as support:

1. Macs will become the new gaming sensation and support for windows will slowly fade away.
2. Macs will create a new wave of "Mingebags" and hackers that will destroy servers and wreak havoc amongst the supported games. (For reference, a "Mingebag" is a person that receives joy to play a game in the way it is not supposed to be played in order to piss other people off. Sometimes they can be destructive enough to destroy servers that are unable be fixed for up to weeks at a time.)
3. Mac has always been an office/project based OS and Windows has always been gaming, why change that?

Final Notes

I understand that this move could become either the best or worst decision in gaming history, but life is all about taking chances and since we cannot yet tell the future I say we wait it out and watch the story unfold...Hell, if it all goes the worst then we can all just revert back to the good old consoles. They will always be available for the non-computer types.


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