Stop The Insanity

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The insane world of Donald Trump and the Republican led Congress.

Stop The Insanity

How much longer can the American people and the world for that matter stand by and watch the Trump Administration strip away the very vital programs that actually make our country and the world that much safer? There has to be some way or someone capable to step in and pull the plugs on this insane President and the Republican assault. One has to wonder just how long can we put up with a leader of the free world who has proven time and time again to be a pathological liar, an obnoxious paranoid schizophrenic and an arrogant buffoon. And, that is just a small part of the dilemma facing the United States today. One of the other major concerns facing the future of the country is the fact that the Republican led congress is doing everything possible in ushering in a so called replacement bill to override the Affordable Health Care Bill that President Obama put forth in 2010.

It has to be noted that the Republican party in Congress is oblivious to the concerns and problems that affect the majority of Americans. Today their only concern seems to be shoring up the bank accounts of the all ready richest 1%. And, with this new health care bill just shows how out of touch the Republican party has become. When we through in Trump's budget proposal this again shows the true nature of what Trump and the rest of the Republicans think will make America great again. In actuality the proposed budget will undermine the security, the health and the stability of this country. All the while the rest of the world is wondering what the hell is happening to this once great country.

Trump has already shown through his actions how unstable, neurotic, and hypocritical he really is. It never seems to amaze that in this the 21st century we have a President, the leader of the free world that is so arrogant he is actually putting Americans in harms way not only militarily but with his proposed budget and this newly conceived replacement healthcare plan. When you look at what this President is about to do with the EPA is one of the most damaging to our countries future. Unquestionably the actions of a borderline lunatic.

In short what the proposed cuts to the EPA will do: it will halt the clean power plan and lift the carbon emissions on dirty coal power plants. This alone will put more carbon emissions in the atmosphere and increase the already increasing global temperatures. We have already seen on a global scale how the earth's rising temperatures have only increased violent weather, drought, and famine. Next, the EPA will no longer provide the funding to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative which protects the planet's largest freshwater source. The EPA will no longer have enough funding to protect the nations largest estuary which is vital for the preservation of marine life, birds and animals including humans. By gutting the necessary funding for the EPA they will no longer be able to provide the necessary functions to cleanup contaminated industrial waste. As you can see by these draconian cuts in one of the governments pivotal programs that not only protects the environment but all life we have elected officials and a President so out of touch with reality. Trump and his cronies in congress are using not only this agencies budget cuts but other vital domestic programs to further his own distorted view for that Mexican border wall. Instead of preserving the fundamental governmental programs that are in place to protect the environment this Administration is hell bent on destroying every governmental function that improves the quality of life.

The insanity only continues with more domestic programs on the chopping block. HUD for example will be gutted by more than $6 billion and with that amount cut from HUD the programs that are essential for low income families, our seniors and the frail will feel the burden by having their services that they have been counting on sliced in half and pretty much eliminated all together. The safety nets that are in place today would be gone in a flash once this bill is passed by our "most astute Republican financial wizards" in Congress.

What is so alarming is the fact that our nation is being seriously damaged in the eyes of the world by this President who continues to show his paranoia with practically every tweet he makes. But, this proposed budget further diminishes America's greatness by a budget that is totally void of the compassion, humility and benevolence toward everyday people. This is especially true if this new health care bill goes into effect.

When we have a sitting President who openly champions gutting the EPA, the Coast Guard, defunding the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities shows the insensitivity to the true needs of the millions of United States citizens. Our Republican led congress is just as guilty to the needs of the 99% by their shallow nature of their policies. Having entertained a budget that strips away funding for programs that feeds our seniors and low income workers with the programs of SNAP, along with Section 8 housing vouchers and other vital domestic programs that are the real safety nets for millions of Americans just so that those funds will be available for a Mexican border wall is as misguided as Trump is about wire tapping in Trump Tower. A proposed budget that strips away of over $1 trillion a year in earmarked budgetary funding that has been used for the well being of millions of Americans now transferred to a project that really has no direct impact on the quality of life here in the United states is just pure lunacy. That total of over $1 trillion a year eliminated out of domestic funding for construction that really won't improve our nations crumbling infrastructure or other vital programs is as insidious as it gets.

The insanity is only going to get much worse is we fail to inter seed. With a cabinet that is incompetent with bona fide liars and obscenely rich personal underscores the Republican led congress true nature when they voted to approve their nomination. A congress and a President that are so out of touch with reality maybe our best days are really behind us. We have to do more than just hope that the insanity will cease soon before it really is to late to save ourselves from ourselves.


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