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The article narrates the story of ice cream--its place in royal families and how it evolved and developed further.

Scream for Ice cream!!!!!

Historically, credit for making ice cream was given to Nero of Rome. During the time, serving ice cream, cream or other material, flavored and artificially frozen was popular in the royal family. It is said that concoctions were made by pouring fruit juices and honey on snow.
Alexander the great of Macedon, was served drinks made from fruit pulp and fruit juices chilled in snow.
However, the real inventor of ice cream was Demarco, a French Chef during the reign of King Charles I of England. One day the chef pleased the King by serving a special frozen dessert called “Frozen Milk”. This recipe won laurels of the royal family that had he increased the pension of the chef enormously on condition that in future the recipe had to be served to royal family only.
After the execution of Charles I on 3oth January, 1649, Demarco started selling his recipe liberally. The recipe became very popular among the rich people of England, Italy and France but it was expensive to make.
With the invention of Freezer by Nancy Johnson of America, in 1846, making and selling of ice cream became possible commercially. Later on, few million gallons of ice cream a year were being produced in America.
At the World Fair held at St. Louis (USA) in 1904, a combination of ice cream with waffles (a kind of batter cake) became popular. From this came the ice cream cone. Today more than 150 different varieties of ice cream are sold all over the world.


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8th May 2011 (#)

Now I feel like royalty whenever I eat ice cream! thanks for sharing!

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