Surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

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At 85 years old the Pope is said to be resigning this month, this page questions why, in our aging society where people live longer, does this not happen more often?


The Pope is said to be resigning from his position after 8 years of service, which is said to be the first resignation of a Pope in 600 years! This, however beings a question to my mind, "Why doesn't it happen more often?"

As with a monarchy, the Pope usually holds the position until their own death. Pope Benedict XVI will become one of the rare exceptions to this rule as he retires at the age of 85, but he won't be the only person in a leading role who will abdicate this year. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is also to resign from her position in April this year in favour of her son.

Why doesn't it happen more often?

In today's ageing society I would expect this to be a more common event. Institutions such as monarchies and the catholic church are of course even more dated than their already ageing leaders. If you think back to the time when they were just appearing, you would be lucky to live till your late thirties, so a reign of several decades is pretty out of the ordinary if you ask me.

As an atheist and an advocate of more democratic systems than monarchies, it is my opinion that leaders, whether they be national or papal, should be directly elected by the people they represent. Just as leaders of governments should be chosen by their people, don't those who believe in the catholic faith have the right to choose the head of their church? This is the 21st century after all!

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author avatar M G Singh
11th Feb 2013 (#)

The Pope deserves credit for this.

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author avatar Wayne Moises
19th Feb 2013 (#)

Pope Benedict xvi was a German-born pontiff took over from the ailing John Paul ii died in 4-1-05 at the age of 85 years due to organ failure & old age
Because of health reasons the pontiff lasted for 8 years resigned & choose for the next pope to be proposed a new name:John Paul iii is the new head of the Roman Catholic Church & leader of the Vatican by 3-31-2013 on Easter Sunday & thanks for the information about history of mankind noted for peace & unity to the world. Wayne.

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