Surprising Facts About Geographic Earth

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The Earth has a surprising variety of facts related to the geographic Earth itself. For example, time zone differences caused by the Earth's rotation is also one that is caused due to the geographical conditions of the earth.

Surprising Facts About Geographic Earth

The third planet from the sun called Earth has an area of ​​510.1 million square kilometers. The earth's surface is so broad caused some geographical conditions are different in each region. For example, time zone differences caused by the Earth's rotation is also one that is caused due to the geographical conditions of the earth.

In addition to the time zone, the season is also the one that is caused by the geographical conditions of the earth. Some other unique facts also due to the geographical Earth.

1. Diomede Islands are just two islands within 2.4 miles but has a time difference of up to 21 hours. Two even this island is owned by two different countries. One is owned by Russia and the other is owned by the United States. Although the distance to within 2.4 miles or 3.8 km, both have a large time difference is 21 hours.

2. White Bear State is the nickname for Russia has a vast land. Russian soil spans 17.0252 million square kilometers. Once the extent of the country is up to the whole of Russia is divided into 11 different time zones. So when an area is experiencing morning, areas in other parts already entering the time of the afternoon.

3. Approximately 75% of the water on earth is in the form of glacier ice. Covering an area of ​​15 million square kilometers of the Earth's land is covered by glacier ice which is 75 percent of the total water on Earth. While 20 percent of the excess water on the surface of the Earth is in Lake Baikal is located in Russia.

4. There is a point located farthest from the life on earth. The point called Point Nemo and located in the Pacific Ocean. Point Nemo is a point that is farthest away from life on the Earth's land with a distance of 1,670 miles from the nearest plains.

5. When the Himalayan Mountains of growth, at the same time the Appalachians also experienced shrinkage. This is because the constant collision occurred between India and parts of South Asia. This collision caused the Himalayas continue to grow during 5mm annually. At the same time, though not caused by the same thing, the Appalachian Mountains which has an altitude of 14,400 feet beginning now just as high as 6684 feet. Mountains are located in North America is shrinking due to erosion of rain water constantly.

6. In the Pacific Ocean, two-point polar opposite (antipodes) are at the same point. Pacific Ocean with an area of ​​165.25 million square kilometers became the largest ocean in the world. If the general polar opposite (antipodes) are at a different point, the antipode of the existing Pacific Ocean at the same point. This resulted if someone diving and swimming in a line until they reached the opposite direction, then he would still be in the Pacific Ocean.

7. Mount Everest is not the highest mountain in the world when measured from the center of the earth. Mount Everest which has a height of up to 8,850 meters above sea level, is considered the highest mountain in the world. However, when measured from the center of the earth, the mountain that has the highest elevation is actually Mount Chimborazo is located in Ecuador.

8. There is a point in the United States where you can stand in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado at the same time. This point is called the Four Corners. Four Corners bordering northeastern parts of Arizona, New Mexico to the northwest, southeast with Utah, and southwest bordering Colorado. This point is a circle in which the four corners are in four different states.

9. Canada has a lake and island specials. In Canada there is an island where the island has a lake in it. Inside the lake was still there the island again, and then in the island there is a lake in the middle there are a small island. Confusing, is not it?

10. There is a country on earth where the country is located on the fourth hemisphere. The country is Kiribati consists of 33 coral islands and a single island. Thirty-three coral islands scattered in the fourth hemisphere that is north, south, east, and west.

Now that's surprising facts relating to the geographical earth.


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