Syrian Crisis

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I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.

When was the war started?

Late in 2011 when the European union and Saudi regime family planned to wage a war on Syria.

Essentially it starting was not from 2011, however from the time when Hafez-al-Assad was the President of Syria. We might as well know why European union and the Saudi administration needs to wage a war on Syria there are numerous which I will specify it beneath.

1: Syria is a big enemy of Israel and they are both battling from 1980 that is the very first reason.
2: Syria is a communist state and an extremely exceptional companion of Russian Federation which is not satisfactory by any mean for USA, Israel and England.
3: Syria is a nearby companion of Lebanon where he completely upholds Hezbollah which is not acceptable for Israel and Saudi administration.
4: Iran is supporting Hezbollah and Palestine and the bridge between them is Syria.
5: Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad is not a American puppet which hurts them a lot by many means.
6: US, Israel and Saudi administration needs to oust Bashar-al-Assad with the intention that they can fabricate terrorist government who can ensure the Israel's interest.

Foreign Backed Militant

Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front is the two leading terrorist groups who are fighting with their full of powers in Syria against Syrian army. US corporations is fully supporting Al Qaeda in the way of giving heavy weapons to them and Saudi plus Qatar regime also funding the Al Nusra Front with the heavy weapons.

Last month the meeting was held in Qatar between the US secretary of state Mr Jon Kerry and Qatari Prime Minister Hammad bin Jasim bin Jabir al Thani to discuss the crisis about the Syrian crisis. The world was shocked when the Qatari Prime Minister said: The only way to make a peace in Syria is to arm the Syrian rebels". First of all they are violating the UN laws regarding the Syria's sovereignty and they are openly committing their crimes to giving substantial weapons to Syrian rebels, but because they are super powers no one can dare to ask who are you to make a decision about the Syrian peoples. I suppose the most ideal approach to recover the peace in Syria is a political dialog no other way is the solution except the political dialog and let the Syrian peoples decide their matters of state. Thousands of peoples have been killed by the foreign backed militants and it is a totally wrong that Syrian army is killing their peoples no its not true because before this scenario there was no killing, bombings and crisis in Syria the Syrian peoples were living their life peacefully.

Media's role in Syrian situation

The role of media whether its print or electronic are very important to tell the truth to the world and should not create a false stories. Al Jazeera and some western new channels is on the highest point of making a false stories about the Syrian government which is harming the Syrian peoples. The very popular false story is a chemical weapons that this news channels is claiming that Syrian army is using chemical weapons against its own people and alternatively this stories will motivate the the Syrian rebels and they will have the reason to fight in Syria. Now look how the media role is important in this situation if the media play his positive role then surely it will benefit the innocent Syrian peoples and vice versa if they played negative role it wil hurt many innocent peoples.


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