T R A President For Our Time

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What this nation needs is a President like T. Roosevelt and not this crazy man Trump.

T R A President For Our Time

True to form history is repeating. It was at the turn of the 20th century when the United States first experienced the great wealth divide. The robber barons of the day, the Rockefeller's, the Morgan's, the Vanderbilt's, etc all amassed great fortunes on the backs of the American worker. The great wealth disparity gap of that period has now been eclipsed. Today, the country is once again experiencing a vast inequality of wealth far above the income inequality during the late 19th century. Today, like back at the turn of the 20th century poverty ran rampant, decent housing was just for the wealthy and those who could find work were grossly underpaid.

When we look back to the dawn of the 20th century one man stood up for the common American. His name was Theodore Roosevelt. When Roosevelt took the reigns of government he knew that sooner or latter civil unrest would lead to violent confrontation. There were no labor laws at the turn of the 20th century as such the American workers were exploited by the Power Elite, the Robber Barons, of the day. This exploitation spread to the point that Roosevelt felt that if nothing was not done to ease the plight of the American working class violent repercussions would soon engulf the nation. It was the trusts as they were called controlled just about every aspect of industry and American life at the turn of the 20th century. And in doing so took full advantage over the American workers. As in today's reality the major corporations and the 1% are the trusts of the late 19th century. The similarities continue with the Republican Party being closely tied to major corporations now as they were back at the turn of the 20th century.

In both periods the American workers were and are grossly underpaid, overworked, and receive little or no benefits. Sure, today government has instilled workers compensation, and Safety regulations such as OSHA but like workers at the turn of the 20th century major corporations and other employers continue to subject employees to face financial hardships. The times of the of the late 19th century and into the 20th century are evident in much of the working conditions of today. The only difference is that when T. R. became President he understood the plight of the American worker and ushered in many of the programs the actually helped working Americans. Today, that is not the case. We have elected a President who by his own rhetoric and actions has gone out of his way to support an agenda that is totally supportive of big business, Wall Street, and major corporations. The average working American still is at the mercy of big business.

As the 20th century unfolded the wage and income disparity gap was huge. The majority of the population could not afford the even the basic essentials of the modern day. This is still the reality facing millions of Americans today. On the other hand the power elite like the Morgan's, the Vanderbilt's, the Carnegie's and other leaders of industry reaped huge profits that only exasperated working conditions for the American worker. The similarities between the times of Theodore Roosevelt and Trump are quite profound. But, the personalities between these two Presidents are all together different. Different as night is to day. The differences are really quite alarming. On one hand Teddy Roosevelt had a high moral standard and a deep understanding of nature. The nature of T.R.'s Presidency always revolved around that high moral standard that his father instilled into Roosevelt from the very beginning. Though life dealt great personal loss to Theodore he always managed to remain steadfast in his high moral standards. His life was filled with passion and a compassion for those who were less fortunate.

Though-out his Presidency he laid the foundation for many of the progressive reforms that latter Presidents implemented to ease the burden and enrich the lives of the American public. We have to remember that members of congress especially the Republicans during Roosevelt's time behaved almost identical to the way our Republicans are acting today. As in the early 20th century today members of Congress are beholden to the Robber Barons of the 21st century. And, Donald Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt.

It can be arguably said that the United States paved the way for a person like Donald Trump to ascend to the Presidency. The past 45 years of governmental actions and policies have deeply divided and corrupted this nation. The four founding principles of the United States, Liberty, Justice, Education and Morality all have succumbed to the political correctness of today. The results are staggering. True to form the bankers and Wall Street of the 19th century their counterparts today are still the ones that have influenced governmental policies that have decimated the American Dream. The United States has not seen such acute poverty and homelessness since the Great Depression. Where is a Theodore Roosevelt when this country needs a leader like him today?

What we have sitting in the Oval Office is a shallow man whose only interest is to enrich himself and his cronies. The spineless Republican members of congress and this President continue to pour salt in the open wounds of American society. There are very serious problems facing the United States and the world today and we need serious minded people to come together to reform our government and put stability back in the world. When there is such an imbalance in our society today much like it was at the turn of the 20th century the possibility of an oppressed populace rising up in violent protest against a rigged economy is something we cannot ignore any longer.

There are accomplices in this American tragedy that is playing out today. The lead players are Trump and company, many of the Republican party, the main stream media and the Wall Street financiers. Together they continue to bankroll an agenda that has only deepened the divide in America. The imbalance of our society has perpetuated a governing class that is so disconnected from the realities facing the majority of Americans today. The growing plight of millions continues and yet the power structure ignores their cries of anguish and despair.

To right the wrongs and to achieve the balance in our society we first have to realize that history is indeed repeating. Once we realize the distinct similarities of the early 20th century and today in terms of the economic imbalance in our society and what is the cause is the first step in correcting the course this nation is on. Education is key. But, to ignite the flames of change much like Senator Sanders continues to do there has to be more of a consensus of the media to work for this positive change in educating the public of the reforms that will affect the changes that are so desperately needed. Reforms needed to stave off the rising swell of violent protest.

If history is any indication and indeed history always repeats another Theodore Roosevelt will come galloping across the American consciousness and usher in a total National Economic Reform agenda that will end the corrupt dealings that Washington and Wall Street have done to the American Dream. Reforms that bring balance in our society where there is so much imbalance, bring prosperity back to every American and put stability back in the world. It can be achieved but only through leadership like a Teddy Roosevelt and National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.


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12th Dec 2017 (#)

I miss those old-time Republicans.

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