Tactics of the earthquake disaster

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Do not force yourself to save something, if you are in a difficult situation.

Tactics of the earthquake disaster

Earthquake is something scary, whoever does not want this disaster occurred, because the fatal, and the bad.

If you are in an earthquake prone area, then you should be prepared for such disasters. Because the earthquake did not know anyone, the earthquake can destroy anything.

The earthquake did not know the time, place and circumstances, the earthquake could destroy something big, so destroyed, and collapsed.

To deal with the earthquake disaster, then you should prepare yourself. That is, you have to be prepared mentally, and physically. Because earthquakes can be reached through the tough times is expected.

Someone must be prepared mentally, do not panic when the earthquake came, because of his panic will upbraid you. So you have to understand the earthquake itself as a global catastrophe, and other people around you are also facing the same thing, when the earthquake came.

You should seek shelter area, away from buildings, trees, and a dangerous thing, so anything that can be used to avoid the effects of the earthquake.

Physically you should be ready to attempt the rescue of yourself, your family, and others, if you are able to do at that time.

For earthquake-prone areas, should prepare something worthwhile for you to be saved.

If you are in a difficult condition to salvage something, then you must leave, property, and objects, you must save yourself, that's enough.

Do not force yourself to save something, if you are in a difficult situation.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
13th Apr 2012 (#)

How hard it must be to leave all your goods and chattels behind. It would break my heart. But you're right - save yourself first. Thank you for a super article.

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