Take A Closer Look At Web Application Testing and its Significance

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Web testing has been in existence for a long time now; it is a name given to software testing that focuses on web applications. Thorough testing of a web-based system before going LIVE can help in addressing issues before the system is revealed to the public.

Web Application Testing Services

Testing that focuses on web applications is known as web testing. Thorough testing of a web-based application or system before it is released can help in addressing any issue involved. Issues related to web application security, functionality, as well as its ability to handle the load is checked.

Commonly speaking, the expenditures of fixing bugs grows exponentially later you find them. The web browser has the ability to send data through a map of string to a web server. It is the job of a server as it deals with the requests and then passes it off to an engine running application code. It emphasizes on test client and server part.

There are a number of areas that are covered by web application testing:

• Application gaps in server code or scripts
• Configuration errors
• Testing for known vulnerabilities
• Advice on fixes and future security plans
• Assistance on data that could have been exposed due to past errors
• Reducing the risk to attack

The quality of an application must be evident from the beginning. Any trouble with response time, information accurateness, or ease of use will force the user to visit a competitor’s application. Such problems convert into the loss of users, lesser sales, and poor brand image.

A Web Application Performance Tool, also known as (WAPT) is used to test web applications and web related interfaces. These tools are used to test the performance, load, and stress of the web applications and websites.

WAPT generally tends to simulate virtual users who repeat either recorded URLs or a specified URL and allows the users to specify the number of iterations that the virtual users will have to repeat the recorded URLs. By doing this, the tool helps in checking the bottlenecks and performance leakage in the web application.

A WAPT faces several challenges during testing and is able to run tests for:

• Browser compatibility
• Operating system compatibility
• Windows application compatibility

Every application whether it’s web or mobile or desktop is currently experiencing more users, considering the device variety and ease of access has grown radically over the past few years. With so much going on in the software world, there is no way that testing will get easier. However, how hard testing may seem, it is the still the most important activity.

Apart from functional testing of individual and integrated components, web testing also includes performance, security, cross-browser and responsiveness which are not necessarily required in desktop application testing. This is just because web apps are open to a lot of users and therefore the performance has to be accounted for. Furthermore, web applications are more vulnerable to security attacks such as SQL Injection and DDos, and if an application is targeted, the interruption can be very costly. Therefore great emphasis is required in security testing.


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