Tasting Your Way Through Summer

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Summer is almost here and you are probably starting to search for fun and free things to do with your kids. If you haven't started searching yet, you will be soon!

Here are my recommendations for tasting your way through summer at Farmers Markets.

I have an idea for you. How about taking your kids to a Farmers Market? That's not someplace we tend to think of to take the kids. It's free and can be quite an adventure. Farmers Markets are open for the summer so add that to your summer fun list.

Here are my recommendations for tasting your way through summer at Farmers Markets.

Why do we recommend Farmers Markets for a kids activity?

*Help Your Child be a Less Picky Eater - As a parent you know kids can be picky eaters. The earlier you can expose your child to new foods, the greater the chance they will like them. Buy or sample some fresh and healthy fruits and veggies at the Farmers Market and hopefully you have expanded your child's palate.

*Free Samples - Oftentimes Farmers Markets have free samples. Take advantage of that to help cultivate your child's taste buds. If they don't like the sample at least you know it before you buy it.

*Stimulates their Senses - As you are aware, our brain takes in information from our five senses with taste and touch being two of them. When children are young it's important to stimulate all of their senses so their brains can process information in different ways. By taking your child to a Farmers Market and allowing them to sample new foods they are not only stimulating their sense of taste (and hopefully expanding their palate) but also their sense of touch. Different foods feel different in our mouth. For example, strawberries with their little "seeds" feel different on our tongue vs smooth and juicy cantaloupe. Let your child explore these taste and touch opportunities to stimulate their senses.

*Learn to Identify and Name New Fruits and Veggies - For toddler and preschool children Farmers Markets are an excellent way to discuss colors since fruits and veggies come in a wide variety of colors. Learning the names of fruits and veggies are also a great learning tool for older toddlers and preschoolers. Even school age children can learn new names of uncommon fruits and veggies such as kumquat or parsnip. Challenge them to spell these unusual names.

*How Does it Grow - Even for children as young as two years old you can discuss how different fruits and veggies grow. Does it grow on a vine? A bush? A tree? By asking these questions, you expand your child's knowledge of how the plant kingdom works.

When you're taking your children on outings, please keep in mind you don't have to teach them the entire time. The younger they are, the shorter their attention span. Sneak in some teaching here and there while you're out and about. Just remember, the more you can teach your child at a young age, the more likely they are to grow up to be a smarter adult! And who doesn't want a smart child?

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