Tax payer money wasted in India to defame innocent engineer

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How tax payer money is wasted in India to defame innocent engineer , webmaster and domain investor

Tax payer money wasted for personal greed and hatred

A large section of India remains poor because top officials are free to waste a huge amount of tax payer money for their personal hatred, greed and grudges instead of the welfare of the nation
In additional to wasting tax payer to commit human rights abuses on harmless civilians, top officials allegedly in intelligence and security agencies are also wasting a huge amount of tax payer money to defame whoever they feel like, a harmless innocent single woman obc engineer,webmaster, domain investor and online exporter

False stories

When a single woman engineer and exporter was earning a large amount from online advertising, the arrogant careless and casteist top officials in India did not bother to understand the business model, made up extremely malicious false rumors that the business was illegal. These officials who claim to have engineering degrees behaved in an extremely unscientific manner, making many false allegations without any proof at all, which were a figment of their imagination.


To find the non existent proof to support their malicious rumors the innocent engineer has been put under surveillance online and offline for more than 5 years, wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money. A detective will charge approximately $100 for a day of putting a person under surveillance, so for 5 years a huge amount of tax payer money has been wasted to put a harmless person under surveillance. Additionally phone calls, smses, emails, postal mails of the harmless exporter have been diverted and stolen to the greedy friends and relatives of powerful officials , making it difficult to communicate on phone.

Spreading rumors

More tax payer money has been wasted to misuse the surveillance to spread completely false rumors defaming the engineer and webmaster. The spineless powerful dishonest cowards who are wasting tax payer money and telling the most malicious lies do not have the honesty or courage to face the innocent woman they are viciously defaming and defend their complete lies in an open debate. These cheater government employees in India will waste tax payer money to monitor every person who the innocent woman will contact online and offline and then tell some completely false and malicious stories to defame the innocent woman.

For example if she tried to contact a lawyer to end the sexual harassment she has faced for more than 5 years, these officials will contact the lawyer and falsely say that she will need a criminal lawyer. When the woman had no criminal cases for more than 40 years, why will she need a criminal lawyer, when she has not committed any crime. Similarly when tried to get retrieve her retirement savings of twenty years, which are stolen by top officials without a court order, everyone has been told the source of the funds is questionable,so that they do not help, when actually all the money is from her salary and payment from customers, which she can easily prove.
Like all frauds these dishonest officials will never have the honesty and courage to justify their lies openly, hide in offices and use extremely expensive equipment to monitor all her activities, spread false rumours

How does India benefit from wasting tax payer money to defame an innocent harmless woman for more than 5 years, just because powerful officials and companies hate her, want to destroy her life, and leave her penniless.


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