Teachers Are the Real Heroes of the Tornado and the Classroom

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When tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma this past week, teachers risked their own lives as they protected their students from harm. Yet, every day, thousands of ordinary teachers quietly help children cope with problems such as poverty, family violence and abuse. That's why teachers are the real heroes of the tornado and the classroom.

Risking Their Lives for the Children

As tornadoes roared through Oklahoma this past week, teachers led students to safety, protected them and put their needs ahead of their own. Having a tornado ravage a school is unusual but the heroics of the teachers is not unusual. Every day, thousands of teachers help children cope with poverty, hunger, abuse and violence. These teachers are the real heroes of the tornado and the classroom.
In Oklahoma, teachers didn't hesitate to help their children as the storms bore down on them. Many teachers led students to closets or bathrooms. Some teachers stretched out their arms and shielded children from falling debris. Others huddled in the dark with their children - holding their hands and singing songs with them to distract them from what was happening.
Once the storms passed, the teachers continued their heroics. Many teachers helped rescue trapped victims from the rubble. Others stayed with their children until their parents arrived.
This is the second time in approximately six months that teachers have responded heroically to tragedy inside American schools. In December, some teachers and other staff members gave their lives protecting children from a gunman who later killed himself.

Quiet, everyday heroes

For every teacher involved in a tornado or mass shooting, there are thousands more who never face such tragedies. Yet, they, too, are heroes. Teachers help children suffering from poverty. Teachers have been known to reach into their own pockets to buy clothing, food and supplies for children who can't afford them.
Teachers help children find ways to cope with poverty, hunger and violence. They may need to call the child abuse hotline to save a child from violence. They may need to refer the family to counseling. They go above and beyond their job descriptions.
Some students come from broken homes or homes with domestic violence. Teachers may refer families to shelters - even though it's not part of their teaching duties. Some children get little or no support from their parents.
A teacher may be the only adult the child can depend on. Sometimes, the teacher is the only one who sees the good in children. Many children who have struggled with issues such as poverty and violence credit one teacher with encouraging them and breaking the cycle of violence in their families.

Thank a Teacher

Maybe it's time to appreciate teachers more. They do so much more than teach our children. Sometimes, they risk their lives to save our children just like they did in Oklahoma this past week. Other times, they quietly help children with no one else to help them. So let's thank the teachers we know. After all, they may be saving your children next.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th May 2013 (#)

An excellent accolade to teachers Delicious .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Connie McKinney
28th May 2013 (#)

Thanks, Stella, for your kind words.

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