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teaching mathematics in school plays a very important role in the children's understanding of the subject. Many students are finding mathematics difficult because of 1] present teaching method and 2] present syllabus. If we change these , then it becomes easy and student friendly.

New methods

Mathematics is a subject which is interesting for some students but disliked by many of them. One of the main reasons for this is the primary school teaching method of mathematics. There itself most of the students start finding it difficult and hence gradually starts disliking the subject. Some teachers are also are having the habit of asking questions in the class to students and when they answer wrongly, the whole class will laugh at them. Due to this, they will purposely miss some classes. This creates missing of continuity and hence poor performance.
Many teachers will make the students to mug up the formula, without making the students to understand the actual meaning of it. If we change the methodology of teaching, then we can create more interest for students in mathematics subject. We have to teach mathematics in the context of application of the subject in our daily life and should give pictorial representations for mathematical expressions.


For example, we can teach (a+b)^2 pictorially in this way.
From the figure, (a+b)^2 = a^2+b^2+ab+ab
= a^2+b^2 +2ab

similarly, we can do for (a-b)^2

(a-b^)2 = a^2-ab-b(a-b)
= a^2-ab-ab+b^2
In the same way, while comparing volumes of some simple solids, one should have solid models and use water or suitable liquid to fill them and pour them to corresponding containers.

volume examples

Volume of the cylinder = pixr2xh.
When on full cone volume of water is poured into the cylinder, only 1/3rd height will be filled. This can be measured by a scale. OR, pour three times and the cylinder is completely filled. So, the volume of the cone of same height of the cylinder and same base diameter muse be 1/3 x volume of the cylinder
So, the volume of the cone = 1/3xpixr2xh.

cone and hemisphere

Let the base diameter of the cone be equal to that of the sphere and the height of the cone be equal to the diameter of the sphere =2r

Volume of a sphere = 4/3xpix r3
So, volume of a hemisphere =1/2 of that of the sphere
= ½(4/3xpixr3)
= 2/3xpixr3
Now, the volume of the cone = 1/3xpixr2xh. But here, h=2r
So, volume = (1/3xpixr2)x2r
= 2/3xpixr3
So, pour the water from cone to hemisphere and show that they are equal!


Many teachers think that laboratory and experiments are required for teaching physics, chemistry and biology only. But I feel that it is more essential for teaching mathematics. Experts should set the syllabus in such a way as to teach mathematics in this way. Teachers are to be trained , if required , for this new method of teaching.


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New methods of teaching mathematics, seeks to end the horror that inexperienced teachers have instilled in the disciples. The mathematics are in all the activities of our lives, we see them as our ally smarter

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