Technogenie - A Worldwide Scam

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There is an internet scam currently making the rounds that you should be aware of

Beware of the Technogenie Scam

Currently there is a scam making the rounds by a call center calling itself Technogenie. People are recieving phone calls which first address you as Mr. or Mrs. _______ and are then told by a polite person on the other end of the phone that they have been monitoring your computer security software and that your computer's security is at risk. They may even say that there is a virus going back to your server. You are then asked to go to your computer and turn it on. After this the person on the other end will attempt to manipulate you into causing your computer to state that it's security is compromised. The call center person will then direct you to a website where you will be encouraged to download a program, and of course give out your credit information.

As I see it there are 2 main threats with this approach. First is the obvious one where these people are trying to gleen your credit card information. The second threat is the actual program that you download which can compromise all of your secure items such as banking information, credit card info, and passwords.

I've reported this to the RCMP in Canada, however, given that this is originating overseas, I'm guessing that it will take time before it is shut down. In the meantime, I figure the best approach is get the word out to people to ensure that they are not taken in.

Things to be aware of:
1.) The callers typically have an Indian accent
2.) The callers are quite vague as to how they have your information (really they only have your name)
3.) The caller will ask you to turn on your computer
4.) When pressed for information the caller will be unable to give you anything resembling detail
5.) They will willingly give you a call back number (don't be fooled)

Here is a link to a blog furthur detailing people's experiences with this technogenie scam.

Please protect your security and don't fall victim to this scam.


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author avatar Martijn
13th Apr 2011 (#)

They called me too today!
I held them on the line as long as possible to get their telephone bill up. But when my irritating questions started to really annoy them they hung up the phone and called it quits.. Hahahaa.. losers!

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author avatar Tracy
14th Apr 2011 (#)

I kept him on the phone for as long as I could and used my dictaphone..when I told him that I had just googled the company and read out the warning under Technogenie he hung up..He told me he was calling from Frederick st in Auckland. HaHa..bad luck this time round buddy!!!

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author avatar JJ
13th Apr 2011 (#)

definitely a scam, just got the same call today. Agent told me the same thing and after asking them tons of questions the agent finally gave up. How annoying though, seems they are based out of Miami and reading from a script.

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author avatar Denise O
18th Apr 2011 (#)

I have never heard of this company, thank you for the heads up.:)

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author avatar Al
21st Apr 2011 (#)

Called me just now. Second computer scam call today. The other people hung up right away, but not these guys. He stayed on the phone with me for 5 mins after I told him multiple times I knew it was a scam(I even told him I found them on the web ((thanks to however posted this)) Finally hung up when I told him I wasn't going to do anything he said.

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author avatar Brenda
22nd Apr 2011 (#)

This is the address that I got today... 1720 bealby road, vandroof, ontario. There isn't a Vandroof that I've found...

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author avatar Simmos16
28th Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks woodsey, they are now making calls in Brisbane and claiming to be in a call centre in North Sydney. Tried hard til I found them on Wikinut. She got a bit peeved when I couldn't go to Start on my iPad.

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author avatar Nathan
30th Apr 2011 (#)

The are attacking Hamilton Waikato tring to get all detAILS TECHNO GENIE this is a major scam please any vodafone customers THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM!

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author avatar Lime 42
30th Apr 2011 (#)

i kept them on the phone for a while for the fun of it. just asking them who they represent, is the easiest way for anyone to catch them out.

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author avatar Rel
30th Apr 2011 (#)

I talked to them for a while and he then directed me to a website and asked to a website.called and download software. WHen he told me this I was suspicious and asked his for a callback number because I need to talk to my computer guy. He hung up... Obviously a scam.

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author avatar KJ
3rd May 2011 (#)

Called me tonight (9:45pm) and insisted I get out of bed and turn on my computer because my system was at risk. They said my computer has been sending them error messages for the past 10 days and by morning it would be too late. They said there call center was in Vancouver and they monitor the internet. I found this information once I got the name of thier organization. Can't be long before they change the name. Thanks for the heads up! Looks like its moving from coast to coast in Canada now.

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author avatar I
5th May 2011 (#)

Same scenario. Pretty obvious scam. Thanks for the website, though. I wasted his time for a while before I got tired of it. I do that with unsolicited pre-paid "business reply" mail too -- I just send them back an empty envelope. The more we consume their time and money the less profitable these scams will be.

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author avatar Lynda Boyd
6th May 2011 (#)

Was caught out with this one - the caller went under the name Sandy Morgan who called me Easter weekend 8.00pm. Warn your friends about this one.

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