Teenage sex education: Helpful guide for healthy life

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Sex education is a burning issue worldwide. Comprehensive sex education must be imparted to teenagers to make them healthy and happier.

Teenage sex education: Helpful guide for healthy life

Sex education is a burning issue worldwide. Many statistical data show that majority of adults have a feeling that teenagers should not be having sex. To control such acts, most parents, intellectuals and teachers support the notion that comprehensive sex education must be imparted to teenagers to make them healthy and happier. During teenage, girl or boy become sexually mature. It should be well informed to this age group that if you have sex, you could get pregnant or get someone pregnant. Besides pregnancy, having sex can have dangerous consequences such as a sexually transmitted disease, herpes or genital warts, or HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Sometimes teens do not follow the advise of adults and feel that they are restricted to enjoy the life. The best explanation to this question is that enjoyment is not the necessity of life at this stage. Teens must have good physical and mental health. They must concentrate on studies and career on which whole life rest. Teens must be secure when they do not have sex.
Advocates of sex education believe that sex education in included in the curriculum of schools. The goal of this education is to aware teenagers about physical growth and dangerous consequences if they go on the wrong path such as become infected with a venereal disease when they have physical contact. Parent must take full responsibility to explain teen about sex. They must provide correct information, which reflects family’s values. They must be able to clear all queries asked by their son or daughter. Two, you want to be sure that you are prepared to answer questions your teen may have. Sexuality Education is a program that must start in high school or earlier. It must cover age appropriate sexuality topics and the broad spectrum of sex education, including safe sex, STDs, contraceptives, masturbation, body image, and more. People must not feel shy to discuss cases about sex at teens and generate awareness among teenagers. Teachers, elders and parents must be prepared for questions with the correct answers, and not encourage teens to clear it from other sources, which may misguide teens.

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