Ten Pin Bowling - It's not just a drunken night out.

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So you think ten pin bowling is a drunken night out with friends, or perhaps for a kids' birthday party? Put down that beer, lace up your shoes and think again.

It's not just about throwing a ball in a straight line.

Walk into a bowling centre and it is likely that the first thing you hear will be the crash of bowling pins thundering to the ground followed by a cheer. Alternatively, you may hear a dull thud followed by a groan and occasionally, a kick directed at the innocent ball return.

Welcome to the world of ten pin bowling. It's fun, it's exciting, it's frustrating, it can reduce a man to tears and it's even, dare I say, a little bit sexy.

On the surface, ten pin bowling is a simple sport, albeit with a slightly confusing scoring system and the ultimate aim is to knock down as many pins as possible in order to obtain a high score. Knocking all the pins down with a single delivery is known as a strike; knocking them all down with two balls is known as a spare. A single game of bowling is made up of ten frames, with each frame consisting of two shots unless a strike is thrown. The only exception to this rule is the tenth frame where a bowler takes three shots if they bowl a strike or a spare. The maximum score possible is 300, otherwise known as the perfect game.

You wouldn't be alone in assuming that the average ten pin bowler is a chubby, alcohol swigging no-life, much like The Dude on The Big Lebowski. But did you know that the bowlers at the top of their game can spend up to four hours a day in a bowl fine-tuning their technique and then finish it off with a gym session? In order to score highly, a bowler needs to develop enough strength to deliver a powerful "hook" shot where the bowling ball will rotate on its' axis, moving towards the pins. A competitive bowler will often bowl 15 games a day or more in a tournament whilst bowling with a 15lb bowling ball. That's the weight equivalent of two babies. And that's just the girls! This is a physically demanding sport, with many bowlers prone to knee and back injuries and general fatigue in the latter stages of competition. This is why it is essential that a good bowler ensures that they work out in order to maintain their levels of stamina. Additionally, 30 minutes of ten pin bowling will burn 150 calories off the average 150lb person, proving that this is not the recreational sport it appears to be. Competitive bowlers watch their diet, and drinking and smoking is not allowed during competitive play.

Diandra Asbaty is one of the leading ten pin bowlers in the world. Petite and pretty, she has won the World Cup amongst numerous other titles, designed a fashion range of stylish clothing for bowlers and is considered by many to be the golden girl of ten pin bowling. Kelly Kulick, sassy and firy made history when she became the first female bowler to win exempt status on the PBA Tour. Both girls are slim, blonde and attractive, smashing the stereotype of the fat men with a beer gut and proving that bowling can be sexy.

So, to all you men out there quietly thinking "how hard can it be?" Put down your beer, I'll raise you a White Russian and see you on the lanes.


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