Ten Tips to Prevent the 21st Century Heart Attacks

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Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s largest killers of this 21st century. It is estimated that these diseases claim more than 17 million lives every year. It is alarming that the cardiovascular deaths are increasing year by year.

Ten Tips to Prevent the 21st Century Heart Attacks

Today is World Heart Day. The World Health Organization has directed the world to observe the last Sunday of September every year as the World Heart Day. This year this day the theme for its observation is, “I work with heart”. This is to create awareness in every individual.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 60 per cent of the world’s heart patients are from India. Researches are going on to protect the world population from this deadly collapse.

The globalized world is more worried today about heart! The mortality and morbidity factor of cardiovascular health is quite high throughout the world. Commercialism and fast life has made life more depressed and stressful.

Here are ten tips to prevent heart attacks and maintain cardiovascular health.

1) First fight fear with action

The three Ds are the deadly factors that bring you an attack. They are: Dread, Despair and Depression. Hence the first thing you should do is to fight with these three Ds. Just believe that your heart problem can be solved with the modern medicines.

2) Take responsibility

You should not neglect health maintenance of your heart. You should take responsibility for giving your heart a fighting chance. Your determination and discipline should enable you to have periodical check ups and proper heart care. Negligence is one of the conditions that lead to cardiovascular diseases.

3) Remember heart disease is preventable

Even if you develop symptoms of ‘heart attack’ never hesitate to rush to a good hospital. Do not miss the ‘golden hour’. Heart disease is no longer the end of your productive career but is preventable by proper care.

4) Control your blood pressure

The most dangerous and fatal risk factor today is the condition of raised blood pressure. Adopt a life style that can control your blood pressure. Aim to keep your blood pressure always under control. High blood pressure forces the artery walls and damage them causing risks to the heart. Avoid excess salt intake to maintain normal blood pressure.

5) Be conscious about cholesterol

You should have an idea about your cholesterol. This will enable you to have a sensible diet that can keep cholesterol under control. Unnecessary increase and obesity will end in cholesterol. Eating balanced meals and exercises is the only way to keep cholesterol under control.

6) Avoid junk food

Healthy food with plenty of vegetables and fruits is essential for heart maintenance. Avoid junk food, saturate and processed foods that contain high salt. Fast food of the modern lifestyle is one of the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases.

7) Adopt a stress-free life

Stress is the death sentence for heart. It impacts on the heart and can cause myocardial infarction. It can affect your nervous system also through the heart beating. Appropriate lifestyle can free you from unnecessary stress and protect your heart. Keep yourself cheerful and happy free from any stress.

8) Remember smoking is injurious to your heart

Keep heart diseases by quitting smoking. If you have the smoking habit quit it as early as possible. The risk of heart disease will become less and you will return to normal level.

9) Be active and moving

Today life style has become more sedentary with less physical movements. Regular exercises with good breathing, at least for 30 minutes, can help you prevent heart attacks. Walking is the best exercise for heart. It is said that if any one can walk six to seven kilometer in one hour, his heart can maintain normal health.

10) Periodical check up[/b[

Today periodical check up of heart has become very essential because of the changing lifestyle as well as the changing environmental conditions. The key to favorable heart maintenance is early diagnosis and a regular check up. There are advance treatments to ensure your heart health.

Dr. Froehlich says, “Most people have heart disease from poor lifestyle choices. If they change to a heart-healthy lifestyle, their risk will diminish


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author avatar James R. Coffey
26th Sep 2010 (#)

Modern medicine is primarily for after the fact, and has virtually nothing to do with prevention. People need to take responsibility for their own health and prevent heart issues by their day to day behavior.

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author avatar pupajz
26th Sep 2010 (#)

excellent reading, good article, thanks

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author avatar Retired
26th Sep 2010 (#)

Stress, junk food and lack of exercise - the three leading causes of heart disease, everything else is a crap shoot. This is a really good article ~ carry on!

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author avatar sir rob
26th Sep 2010 (#)

Nowadays, I have seen a lot of changes with the way science deal with heart disease and if we just don't ignore the early signs then there's a big opportunity to live again.

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