Terror In The Hearts Of Men

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The world today is aflame with continued violence and terror against mankind.

Terror In The Hearts Of Men

Even in the Beginning when Adams son Cain killed his brother Able mankind has continued to commit unspeakable atrocities against their fellow man. A reign of terror has plagued mankind for thousands of years. These most blatant, calculated malicious acts of wonton violence that keep coming continue to render societies most helpless to maintain any sense of security and stability. Wars have manifested themselves to be the most proficient killing fields of man and nature. Those who willingly hide behind cloaks of deceit and deception only to induce horrendous crimes of horror and terror have continually carried out their onslaught through the ages. From latest carnages in the US that keeps on occurring, the atrocity Norway just a couple of years ago, the hideous crimes against humanity in Somalia, and the kidnapping of an eight year old in who was latter hanged in Afghanistan that we can not forget, and all the random senseless acts of violence in Mexico are constant reminders of what mankind continues to do in ignoring the sanctity of life.

The United States, Norway, and Mexico aren't the only countries plagued by horrendous acts of willful violence today. A blanket of terror continues to shroud over much of the world. Terror not only comes from acts of heinous violence but it also comes disguised as laws, mandates sanctions, and proposals aimed at creating an atmosphere of anxiety, apprehension, and fear. Much like the way our congress and state houses all across the country are eliminating needed services. The constant rhetoric about raising of the debt ceiling while targeting those spending cuts for entitlement programs that so many millions of Americans drastically rely on in order to live are all meant to put fear in our society that only the Republicans can "save the day." This physiological terror is just as potent as the actual acts of violence perpetrated against any living thing.

The unconscionable way our legislatures are behaving with the manner in which they control the destinies of so many is just another example of a form of terror over the masses. Terror doesn't always mean a violent act it can come disguised under cloaks of deception to which certain behavior that willfully tries to establish power and control over others. As such is the case with our own governmental officials. The roots of all forms of terror come from many types of inequality. This inequality that continues to grow and spread in our society today only multiplies the amount of terror that is inflicted upon our society by the mandates and laws now coming out of our legislators.

Most don't remember that it was the United States at the end of World War II who committed one of mankind's most vile and evil acts of terror upon mankind when the President Truman without consulting military Commanders about the legitimacy of using nuclear weapons in facilitating an end to the war in the Pacific. Had Truman consulted General Douglas Mc Arthur the catastrophic genocide of the Japanese would have been avoided. Japan by that time was trying to initiate surrender proceedings but was ignored by our very own government. Copnsequently the use of the worlds most destructive and lethal force was unleashed over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings of these two cities in Japan in 1945 by the United States with out the sanction of the military that knew first hand of the inability of Japan to carry on the war meets the criteria of Genocide as stipulated in Article II of the Genocide Convention. This was a willful horrific unconscionable act that stands forever as the first use of a weapon capable of destroying all life on this planet as a prime example of evil to which mankind can sink.

History proves that without General Mc Arthur's resolve in his handling of rebuilding Japan following World War II Japan wouldn't have become a major economic power that it is in the world today. But, it was the government of the United States that took this action in 1945 in committing one of histories most atrocious and violent acts of terror. We had become the perpetrators of wonton terror over a population. A prime example of inequality that proves terror wilfully begets more terror through more and greater the inequality of all people.

To eradicate any form of terror is to create an atmosphere of equality among the masses. Where people everywhere have equal opportunities at attaining a degree of self determination and quality of life with out infringement upon others to achieve the same. That is not the case today not only in the United States but in every country around the world. Inequality runs rampant. Our division of our society here in the United States only triggers more violent behavior. The greatest divide of the populace has increased with every legislative bill that is passed in Washington. The few wealthiest now control and rule over the poorest majority. This only creates more animosity, which leads to more violent behavior which leads to more terror inflicted.

The lyrics of a song made popular by the Kingston Trio back in the early 1960's "Where have all the flowers gone" and ending with "gone to grave yards everyone. When will we ever learn" is so very apropos for the times of today, for more will be in grave yards with out changing policies and procedures in the way governments are run in every country around the world. Only through constructive change with the sole purpose of creating that environment which is conducive to eliminating the vast inequalities that exist in societies will mankind begin to cease using terror as a means of domination and control over others.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Jan 2014 (#)

Well written post and intersting as well, Happy new Year My friend!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Jan 2014 (#)

wow Tim...there are things herein many do not know about...and they are terrible things...but we need to know what people in high places do...happy New Year Tim to you and yours...

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