Thank You, Inequality

Zhi Han Chew By Zhi Han Chew, 14th Jul 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This article shows you how Malaysian government separates people with skin colours!

In Malaysia, I have seen many graduated burning TARC certificates on Facebook.

Interesting. Everybody has different views towards this. Some people support, some people regret, some people insult the students are so stupid. For me? I support fully and burnt my SPM certificate with no regret.

I am a student in USA from Malaysia. I used to be so stupid that everybody would get ahead if they were willing to work hard, and so greedy that I thought I could be so lucky to work for my nation, be with my family, and fulfilled my dream along my family's.

I clearly remembered that the joy of getting my SPM certificate, and this shitty certificate slapped on my face and broke my dream few months later. My dear government rejected my application for the local domestic government scholarship, but at the meanwhile America and Singapore gives me scholarship without any extra condition. I have the strong feeling that, my government abandoned me, Malaysia abandoned me.

I was surfing on the internet, and I wish to say 'thank you' to my local government that many straight-As' students couldn't get their scholarship, without reasonable reason.

THANK YOU, I SPEAK TO MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Due to your quota system based on races and religions, I have to be separated with my family for thousands miles. Every new year, I couldn't celebrate with my family, what I could do is celebrate the new year with my webcam. I have home, but I couldn't return.

THANK YOU, I SPEAK TO MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Due to your racial policies, I could study at a university far more better than yours, and enjoy all the benefits of the government.

THANK YOU, I SPEAK TO MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Due to your dirty election and your restriction for foreign Malaysians to vote, you made my heart died to work in my homeland, and willed to work in a strange country for 10 years.

Certificate means nothing in my country. Living in a country full of racial policies, with government playing power and rules, with unequal benefit separation, your certificate might mean your ability, but there is nothing related to your future opportunity to get ahead, nothing.

Don't be down, for the ones who are frustrated to the Quota System of our nation, if this place doesn't want to stay you, other places might do. Our government doesn't want us to contribute to our country, but other countries do. Go and get your A-Level or foundation no matter in Malaysia or our neigbouring country, and then, get your dream in other countries. If Malaysian government really wants us to work for it, it should remove this useless system that blocks the future of our nation to reach our 2020 Vision.

What I have burnt, wasn't a thing that proves my low EQ, my knowledge and my ability, of course, not my future neither. I have burnt the inequality of my nation, the insincerity of my government to cultivate of talents, the forthrightness of our government to abandon us just because we aren't belong to race they are proud of.

Thanks government, Thanks Malaysia, Malaysia BOLEH.


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author avatar A K Rao
17th Jul 2012 (#)

This is a unfortunate thing happend with you! In India also we have quota system and there are many meritorious people getting affected because of this! Thanks !

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