That First Tribe

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Out of the last ice age one tribe of humanity managed to secure the future for all civilization

That First Tribe

Out of the caves and into history in a time that pre-dates antiquity one tribe of humans created the techniques that enabled civilization to survive and flourish in an ever changing world. The innovations that they employed are the very foundation that started man's advancement through the ages.

At the end of the last ice age humanity existed in tribal communities, a nomadic and dangerous way of life. For centuries mankind survived the harsh brutality of ice and cold. Around 12,000 years ago it was one tribe of humans that started the evolutionary process that forever changed man's existence. Never before in the history of mankind has one tribe made such strides in transforming the way civilizations developed.

As the spread of humanity began migrating out of Africa one tribe made it's way to the futile plains around today's Syria. The warming of the earth where ice and snow covered the the land spawned a new age where fields of grain now swayed in the warm gentle breeze. Olof was his name. The wisest elder of his tribe. Some say his wisdom came from the stars, while others speculate it was through divine intervention that enable Olof to teach his tribe the innovations that developed into the farming practices that are still used today. He could very well have been the forefather of Methuselah for it was his inner spirituality that gave him the ability to lead his tribe through the perils in the dawn of civilization.

It was here in this fertile crescent where wild grasses of wheat and barley spread out as far as the eye could see that Olof and this first tribe knew that their way of life was about to change. This change was going to shape the future for all civilizations. The farming techniques that Olof used secured the tribes future. In doing so other tribes began using the same farming techniques that eventually transformed mankind's existence forever. The formation for modern society began when that first tribe ushered in innovations that Olof brought forth.

Unfortunately, much of what this first tribe did over the course of centuries, generation after generation succumbed to that first sin in the Garden of Eden. The righteousness of man in Olof's time had now given way to the wickedness of man. Contemptuous to the will of God overtook humanity. It was Noah who carried with him the knowledge that his ancestors first introduced into the world.

There have been many speculative theories regarding the origins of civilization. But, one thing is certain there had to be a tribe of humans that learned how to farm and cultivate crops that blossomed after the last ice age. And, so when Olof led his people out of the caves and onto the futile plains those thousands of years ago we have to ask certain questions. How did Olof acquire the knowledge that enabled his tribe to survive and flourish in a time when humanity still struggled to survive?

Some point out that their may have been an outside source that instructed Olof and his tribe on the techniques of basic farming and building. There are others that believe it really must have been divine influence that chose Olof and that first tribe to be the ones that engineered the basis for the advancement of civilization.

To some degree many people and even some scientists confer the existence of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. But, if we really take a good hard look at the Bible in particular the Book Of Genesis we find irrefutable chronology of mankind. Olof and his tribe appeared long before any record of their existence has been found. They also appeared long before any recording was made of their contributions to the advancement of mankind. We can only assume that first tribe secured their place in history and forever reshaped the future for us all.


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