The Breaths We Take

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The United States is running out of control ever since Trump came into the Presidency

The Breaths We Take

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away," a quote by William Davies who is long remembered by the simplicity of the life he led. The beauty of ones life is always reinforced by the moments of astonishment and wonder that seem to linger forever captured in the minds of man. I am constantly astounded by the sheer majesty of some of the places I have visited in my life. Surely, those instances the scope and the depth of some of the wonders of this world actually did take my breath away. Then there are other moments that deeply sadden and mortify my realm of existence.

The world today is filled with those whose vile contempt for the wonders of life itself propels wonton destruction while rendering misery to so many. The despicable appalling acts and atrocities against man and nature continues to underscore the need for equality and balance in every country around the world. The brutality and savagery of individuals and organizations continues. It is these infamous people who willfully hide behind cloaks of deceit and deception.

The endless suffering in too many countries around the world is the very antitheses of what moments that take one's breath away. There again the catastrophic magnitude of the amount of suffering and heinous crimes inflected against so many just so that a few gain their selfish ends, one's breath is taken away. The cold-blooded carnage in so many areas, especially schools in the United States and elsewhere, leaves little doubt that mankind still can't grasp the meaning of peace and harmony with one another. These violent acts are all becoming more frequent. Years of malicious, callous, deceitful, and deceptive manipulation of certain individuals to gain more power and control over the multitudes less fortunate are prime examples of how far man has to go to bring about an environment that produces equality, justice, and morality in all parts of the world.

When I was young it it was in a totally different era. The optimism that prevailed during my coming of age years was so profound that nothing would have prepared me for the harsh realities of today. The largest portion of our society now are the generation of my youth. Those of us nearing retirement or now of retirement age have transformed the demographics of our society so drastically that the majority, this generation, are no longer able to settle into any semblance of a "comfortable" retirement. Just to survive going into one's "Golden Years" means continuing to work that's if you are able to find work, holding on to your existing job, and being physically able to work. Because of this, my breath is taken away.

There are so many instances that are imprinted in the minds of men that just because of selfishness of certain individuals our breaths are taken away. It seems like the Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse have descended upon nations all around the world. From imposed famine, the continuing threat of pandemics, the destruction of life, the blatant pollution that continues to destroy more life forms and the self serving bureaucrats that held the American public hostage just so a piece of legislation would be forced down the throats of the American public are all part of set design by the powers that be. The recent tax bill by the Republicans and the Trump administration really would do nothing to improve the existing economic conditions for the majority of Americans. The rhetoric from Trump has angered the whole Muslim world when he proposes to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem not to mention the defiant tone he uses toward North Korea point to that just maybe the Four Horsemen have now arrived.

The reality of today does take ones breath away, but not for the reasons that one would like it to be. For the last 6 months the Trump Administration has been embroiled in nothing that would ease the economic fortunes for millions of Americans. The current members of Congress seem to be in a complete absence of any meaningful legislation to benefit all Americans. The only bright spot has been the diligent work that Senator Sanders is trying to do. But, unfortunately that to continues to falls on deaf ears. Not one piece of legislation that has come out of Washington has created any real meaningful job growth. All indications point to the return of more mass layoffs. The economy is steadily moving in reverse contrary to what Trump keeps touting.

What Trump and Congress continue to do is unconscionable to the American Public. When there continues to be more layoffs, stagnant wages, and nothing more that service industry part time jobs practically guarantees that the poverty rate will only continue to rise. With budget cuts mounting to pay for tax incentives for the 1% has only deepened the gap of income inequality through-out the country. The cycle of poverty keeps getting wider.

When this recent tax bill was rushed through the Senate there was no mention nor was their any consideration for the millions of Americans who are either underemployed or unemployed to keep them from falling into that abyss of poverty. What has happened is that the inequality in America only is only getting wider. The smallest percentage of the population are attaining more wealth at the expense of the largest percentage of the population who are now falling into poverty. This only brings about a domino effect in total economic retardation while pushing the United States even further away form ever achieving economic stability and security. But, Trump and the majority of Congress are oblivious to the real effects of what they are doing to America.

When television is flooded with constant news about what Trump has tweeted, the sexual harassment news by too many men in Congress and others and the recent war of words between Trump and North Korea keeps reminding me that the Republican party, Congress and the President are without the mental capacity to deal with the major crisis that are plaguing the country and the rest of the world.

America's economy was built and is maintained by small business and entrepreneurs. They provide most of the much needed jobs and tax revenues that help support this nation. All of which contributes to the over all prosperity of a society. The entrepreneur spirit provides the innovation that has created some of the world’s most important inventions, such as electric light, computers, space travel, medical advances, and entertainment. Unfortunately, for the past 35 years America has lost many of its core values which led to the demise of so many millions of middle class jobs. So today, we not only are faced with massive underemployment and unemployment but their are other barriers in rekindling and achieving economic forward mobility. In essence to achieve the American Dream and all that’s associated with it is no longer a reality for millions of Americans. Home ownership, once the cornerstone of the American Dream, is clearly out of reach for the large majority of would-be home buyers. The cost of homes today has seen a steady increase in home values. With stagnant wages verses high mortgage rates it is virtually next to impossible to buy that dream home.

What Trump and too many members of Congress can't grasp is the simple concept of the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution. The financial and economic realities facing the majority of Americas today are too often pushed aside by the tirades of Trump toward the rest of the world. He has single handily offended pretty much the whole Muslim world, agitated North Korea to the state of nuclear war, and boisterously touted how magnificent a job he is doing.

The ramifications of this tax bill is horrendous to say the least. Our most "Benevolent" fearless leader and members of congress still can't get it right and continue to miss the boat on all the legislation that has been coming out of Washington. Consequently, for the last 30 years America has lost millions of middle class wage jobs. By the way, not one American middle class wage job has been created nor will it by all the tax breaks that major corporations now enjoy. The top tier of the wealthiest individuals who continue to pay so little in income taxes has only created the greatest riff between incomes today. It is pretty obvious that drastic change is needed to narrow this ever widening gap. The greatest threat today to economic security and stability is when a society only has two income class distinctions. The great inequality today only solidifies an economy in serious trouble.

What Trump and congress have failed to recognize is that not only complete and total reform of policies, mandates, laws, regulations and yes, even Cabinets of Government will bring more equality in our society but are putting America closer to a major world conflict. A conflict that would guarantee enormous suffering the world over. To ensure economic growth, secure national security, bring in an era of stability and prosperity for every America and establish a rational dialogue to every leader in the world instead of the aggressive approach Trump and company are using can only be achieved by implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of confederation.


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Think not of what others
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live your life
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