The Bridges We Burn

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The decisions we all make can and do cause a bridge or two to burn.

The Bridges We Burn

Many of us remember the Mamas and Papas rendition of Monday Monday: well, here I am siting by my window this rainy Monday morning. I can still here them sing "Monday morning couldn't guarantee". As I gaze out at the dark sky while the rhythm of rain beats against my window pane my memory calls me back to that distant past. Somber reflections of the decisions made; when I should have turned left I turned right instead. I don't know about the rest of us but we all make mistakes in life and regret some of the decisions we have made. And, to some bridges were burned by the choices made. Then again, it is the responses made by others from that decision made caused a bridge to burn. Regrettable now but, as in life once a bridge is burned it is almost impossible to reconstruct. So it was, I too through some of the choices made the reaction from others a bridge or two did burn.

As I am now in the Autumn of my years looking out my window I recall one fateful day a decision I made a bridge was burned. Stranded I was with no hope of going back. But, undaunted like Frank Sinatra once sang "That's Life'' I picked myself up and stepped right back in the race because that's life. I don't regret that decision made. There are many like me whose decisions caused a bridge to burn. Then again there are those who made unwise choices for they now regret that a bridge was burned by the decision made. Remembering that old saying it is no use crying over spilled milk does apply in so many instances. But, once the milk is spilled, a decision made latter on tears of regret often surfaces in conscious thought.

Now, as the years have past some memories fade but those life altering choices that were made along the way are vivid reminders that once a bridge was burned there is no turning back. We all know that phrase "if only" hindsight can be a valuable tool for the lesson it teaches us from a regrettable decision. If we don't heed the other outcome of that decision we will always repeat those same mistakes and decisions that were made.

As in personal life stories history is filled with regrettable events caused by decisions made with the many bridges still being burned. It is as though mankind seems to be destined to keep burning bridges that would lead over the gap of so many travesties. The bridges bringing together a world more closer to fulfilling humanities greatest destiny, peace on earth and goodwill toward all. We have to stop burning those bridges and close the gap to make the world a more hospitable and humane home for all. It is time to stop burning bridges and to start the reconstruction of all those burned bridges to ensure the future for us all.


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author avatar Carol Roach
25th Mar 2015 (#)

I try never to burn bridges, You never know when you may need these people again

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Mar 2015 (#)

Great share my friend. History repeats itself because we do not learn from our mistakes. Blessings.

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