The Bully President

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What the Trump Administration is doing to the rest of the world and the United States.

The Bully President

Never before in the history of the United Nations has a President of the United States invoke such blustery language in a way that antagonizes practically every country in the world. The false bravado and the intentional posturing of this President to maximize a defiant approach to the international crisis of the world has inadvertently placed the United States closer to igniting the flame which would lead to yet another World War. One could think back in history to a time when the United States was emerging on the world stage it was then that President Theodore Roosevelt used the bully pulpit with that famous line, "speak softly but carry a big stick". Well, what just happened at the UN was a far cry from the days of Teddy Roosevelt. Now, we have President Trump's rhetoric that is anything but Presidential. The boisterous tone filled with threatening reprisals by Trump indicates that the President showed his true bullying colors. The United Nations is the one institution where leaders discuss ways in which to solve international problems. But, the way that President Trump handled this opportunity to do so he only exasperated the growing international instability. Instead of uniting nations the President made the United States look not like a peace maker but a war monger.

True to form from his days on the campaign trail to his first speech as President, Trump has proved once again he can't seem to grasp the nature of diplomacy. In trying to as he keeps promising "make America great again" his rhetoric and his actions have placed the United States almost dead last in respectability. And, as far as fulfilling on that promise the United States is falling further behind socially and economically. The racial tensions keep mounting while the majority of Americans continue to languish in desperation hoping and praying for better times ahead. But, so far all they see are dark clouds of uncertainty and peril.

It is as though this man in the White House is using the "lone wolf" approach toward relationships with countries that have been and are trying to assert themselves. We have to remind ourselves just how vulnerable America is at this point. With the saber rattling by this President in uttering ultimatums to other nations like North Korea or Iran without a coordinating diplomatic response from other nations from the United Nations Security Council is putting the world on notice that our country is the War Monger that everyone assumed were are.

Compounding the growing international instability this President and so many members of the Republican party continue to have their heads in the sand when it comes to the growing threats of the effects that fossil fuels have on our planet. The intensifying amount of CO2 that is constantly being released into the atmosphere continues to cause global catastrophes. All one has to see the effects is look at what happened when three major hurricanes hit the Caribbean and the United States. This, along with the major earthquakes in Mexico and Japan that just happened recently. To put it bluntly there is no excuse to why in the 21st century with all the technological advances made just within the past 20 years why we are still using fuel sources of the past 200 years.

When there is an symposium in just a few days on War and the Environment right here in Washington indicates there remains so much opposition, a total lack of cooperation, and division from both the Democratic and Republican parties to to come together to solve the many problems facing the United States and the world today. This symposium is being held to come up with solutions of the crisis facing on both the environment front and the instability of the international community. But, one has to wonder if any sort of meaningful solutions to the international crisis of today would even be considered to be put into lawful legislation let alone pass. The reality facing the United States today is congress and our bullying President who control the power to effect change are being bought and payed for by special interests, mega corporations and the power elite. These mega corporations and the power elite stand to loose their gravy train if any legislation passed that would turn the tide of Global warming and greatly reduce military spending.

As we can see today the United States is currently run not as a democracy but as an oligarchy form of government. A government of the people and by the people has been obsolete for over 40 years now. The top 1% now control the power structure that has effectively rendered the United States incapable of effecting change that would greatly enhance living conditions for millions of Americans and in fact help millions of people around the world be able to live fuller and healthier lives. But, instead all that is taking place are laws passed that only benefit for short term gains for the power elite and those mega corporation without the slightest regard for the effects that those laws have on the rest of society and our environment.

Could it be that we have a President who campaigned on making America great again has actually put in motion policies that are doing the exact opposite? We know for a fact that the rest of the global community has already downgraded the United States from it's leadership role in international affairs by virtue of the Trump Presidency. We also know that the world continues to suffer the consequences of man induced global warming. But, the Trump Administration and too many Republicans continue to be in denial about the severity of the environmental impact that fossil fuel is doing to the health and well being of every living thing on this planet. And, until we have leaders who are capable of understanding the impact of global warming and are sensitive to all nations concerns the plight of humanity continues to be at risk.


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