The Case on Marijuana and Other Points of Interest

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A debate on marijuana and other points of interest shortened

The Case on Marijuana and Other Points of Interest

the pharmaceuticals dont want prop 19 to go through. so they get the media to turn tv watching pawns to vote it down. tyson and con agra dont want the average rancher joe to take his chickens to the farmers market, so they make his chickens legally unsanitary. monsanto will sue farmer joe if he doesnt buy their genetically tagged and patented corn. walmart and its lobbyists dont want you to have a garage sale, so there are restrictions on garage sales now.

anybody see a trend here?
obama was presented with a simple fix for the oil spill, but delayed and bullshit. haiti needs help. africa needs help. iraq needs our fucking help. “ok”, says obama, “lets pool a bunch of money together to help”, and steals some of it.
right now, there are fisherman and restaurants in new orleans that are running out of business, and formerly useless people cleaning up a big mess. out of the 10 billion that was sent to haiti, only 55 million has been used. our standardized government help in africa has crippled any opportunity for farmers to sell their crops. america has taken over africa’s natural resources in the name of freedom and democracy.
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iraq is just fucking hopeless. its obviously an exercise of the strength and power of america to china. missile defense systems are being put up in eastern europe.
troops are coming back only to exercise their power on cities like boston….riot control or some bullshit. every day i get on facebook im reminded that i can get my criminal justice degree in 18 months online! yeah, working for the fbi or the cia sounds fucking incredible, doesnt it……
but who cares? i live in the land of the free, home of the brave. this is a place where we have to make sure our spedometers dont go 7 over in fear that the car will be searched. this is a place where little children are being treated like terrorists for being on a no fly list.

this is a place where fat americans are kept complacent, watching jersey shore, eating their tv dinners, and drinking coke. this is a place where the president is nothing but a celebrity any more, with his whole career based on how emotional people get.
on a sidenote…i kinda want to move to australia, where the grass is really really greener. its a place where electricity is made from mirrors and copper, and cars can run on water.

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14th Feb 2011 (#)

Sad, isn't it?

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