The Chile Mine Disaster

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You may of heard a lot of things going on with the Chile mine currently. There is a reason for this. A lot of people’s lives are at stake in Chile, right now (October 12, 2010).

What is the Chile Mine?

The Chile Mine is a popular mine located in the country, Chile. The profit that is made from the mines, makes up over a third of the country’s income. There are thousands of miners that partake in the event of mining, within Chile. There is lots of different varieties of minerals in the mines. This includes Gold, Coal, Iron, Copper, Silver, and many other important minerals.
Gold and Silver are two of the minerals that have increased in amount, rapidly. The prices of gold have gone way up recently, all over the world. This is why you see many commercials of companies trying to buy your gold.

What is happening in Chile?

A big, and tragic event has happened in Chile, just recently, and is still happening. On August 5, 2010, one of the mines in Chile, collapsed. There is a total of 33 miners trapped under the Surface of the Earth. We were able to contact the miners underground, through small holes in the ground. The miners are extremely far underneath the Earth’s surface.
The United States government has put aside 1.8 million dollars to rescue the miners. The miners have eaten very little food each day. They were able to get fresh air, though, through the small holes that were drilled for them.
It is very difficult to rescue the miners. It is a very long and serious process in order to drill through the ground, without harming the miners with another collapse. The rescue hole is said to be very small, so that the ground does not collapse. President Obama is doing everything that he can to help out Chile.
Many families are really struggling. They are concerned about their family members that are trapped under the ground. Even if it is just 33 people, it is still very important. Just imagine, if you were one of those 33 and somebody said “Oh well, it’s a few people…”. This is a serious problem, going on right now. Every person counts.

News Update

There has been a recent update on all news channels concerning the Chile mine collapse. They have been drilling an escape route all of this time, very carefully and slowly. Finally, we were told that they are just a few hours away from finishing the drilling. They will soon be rescued safe and sound, and will be returned to their families.

Miners Rescued!

Finally, after several weeks, the miners have been rescued! All of the miners made it out successfully! all 33 of the 33 miners survived the collapse. They crawled their way through a hole that was drilled for them. They are now safe and sound with their families. Each and every one of them are glad to be alive, and they thank God for still being alive.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th May 2012 (#)

The news kept many glued to their TVs and it was a miracle that all were saved. Thanks, Hunter - siva

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