The Christmas Surprise

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This Christmas season is marred when Donald Trump won the Presidency.

The Christmas Surprise

Soon it will be Christmas and all thru the land not an economist was stirred by all the hype that Trump brought into the land. Forecast after forecast by the media paints a rosy picture unaware of what really lies ahead. But, still it is Christmas, a time that should provide good holiday cheer. And, yet with this years election that has sent the Trumpets on in has set a somber tone for this time of the year. Fearful of the future has pushed many to disregard the normalcy of giving in this holiday season. More than tempted to curb holiday spending have disregarded the prudent ways of old has already pushed credit cards to their limits. Never mind what little disposable incomes we have the swipe of the plastic always eases the pain.

Many are joyous that Trump has won but wait till we see just what will be. His promises on fixing our economy has ushered in a course of action that many will not agree with. Already Trump has begun shaping policies that amount to be a rigorous assault on so many of our basic liberties. This is a Santa Claus already in disguise has turned the art of the deal into the art of the steal. Corporate giveaways with tax breaks galore has put businesses on notice that the plan of action is chalk full of citizens remorse. With a cabinet in the making should be of no surprise. Billionaires and tough military generals make an unprecedented normalcy for the 1%. What a Christmas surprise this year has turned out to be.

With Sleigh Bells ringing the Trump train continues to plow through the many protocols of normalcy that have been long standing traditions. What is interesting to see is that many other countries now look in dismay at the person we have elected. Asking themselves how could the US be so naive to think that Trump would be the savior to our sputtering economy. As it is turning out it is plain to see that Trump cares little for you or me. In reality the corporate giveaways in tax breaks should come as no surprise because Trump knows that trickle down economics always applies. The things that really matter are pushed aside in favor of those riches that major corporations always provide. And, yet it is our economy that continues to fail the majority of Americans. Relying on this master of disguise, a Charlatan to be sure has pulled the wool over our eyes.

It was through this election to everyone's surprise has made this holiday season the one we would like to forget. Gun sales are soaring should be of no surprise. Record sales of arms and munitions has to be a tell tale sign of things to come. A sad state of affairs for a country that used to be. Fear and suspicion is now the new normalcy. What lies ahead for 2017 is anybodies guess. But, if 2015 was the year of the gun 2017 will look more like Tombstone of the old wild west.To say it's just a fluke that so many are armed but, unlike the 50's when Gene Autry or Roy Rogers were around the gunslingers of today have nowhere near the morality of yesterday. It's as if this nation has morphed into a contingent of separatists instead of one entity. The division has only widened. The 1% has gotten wealthier and with Trump in charge that gap will only get wider. If this election taught us something about ourselves it is that we were beguiled into believing that the status quo was so bad and yet with this new beginning with Trump at the helm the ship of state is headed into uncharted waters of bigotry and hate.

The United States now is a nation that is poised to rebel. The scope of division within is unprecedented. The division of inequality has only increased. We have become a nation where the wealth gap is ever widening. We have become a nation where racial tensions keep on escalating. We now have become a nation where violence is commonplace. We also are now a nation that many can't understand how this year has turned out to be. These all have contributed to the fact that we are drifting further away from the country that we used to be.

Let us be clear with Trump at the helm the ship of state is sailing into stormy weather where rising seas of conflict, inequality and hardship for millions of Americans will remain. For many the status-quo will look like paradise compared to the reality that will soon come to be. Empty promises that will surely come will be constant reminders of what could have been. Trump has managed to push the right buttons in beguiling the public into believing in his new reality. Now the harshness of winter is about to set in bringing with it so many lost opportunities. Many think if we could do it all over again the results would be far different with a much better end.

This Christmas surprise has turned out to be nothing more than a travesty. From the beginning of this past election year should have told us nothing good will come of this. From voter fraud to Trumpmania, from e-mail servers to Trump University nothing but scandals rocked this election cycle. As things turned out should really come as no surprise. For millions who remain disillusioned and keep scratching their heads this time of year is now a painful reminder of what lies ahead.


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