The Crime Of Being Or Helping The Poor

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It is becoming a crime to help your fellow man, or to be so poor that you have to beg for help.

Feed The Poor, Go to Jail

A group known as Food Not Bombs has fed the homeless twice a week for a while now but had fought and lost the right to do so in Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Florida. There is an ordinance that says you can only feed a large group in the park twice a year. Twelve members of the group have been arrested in the last two weeks.

They were feeding low or no income people meals of rice, beans, fruit, water, coffee, and juices. They save money by not having a "shelter" so they can feed more. They tried to get some legal help but were turned away. They vow to keep up the fight.

The Orlando area group is just one in over a thousand cities. They are protesting poverty, war, and environmental destruction. They are reaching out and feeding those who need it. And they are facing arrest.

Day old breads, the nights left over food, and clothes and coats that don't sell are often just thrown out. You will be fired or arrested if, as a worker, you give these away. Walmart and H&M slash their items before throwing them into the trash. It caused an out cry of "why fill the land fills instead of warming the homeless" in January of 2010. McDonalds fired 150 employees in 2010 for giving the shift ended food away instead of throwing it out. Panera Bread in St. Louis, MO, on the other hand gives away food for the needy. Good for them!

In Detroit Public Schools, the money is tight for the district, the teachers, and the families. The Pre-K kids are fed family style. There are often left overs. The other children are offered both breakfast and lunch with much of the left overs not being re-used. The staff is told to throw it all out. Hungry kids, hungry families, and teachers are threatened with dismissal if they send the food home with anyone. Several teachers have defied the rule and some have lost their jobs.

The Cost Of Being Poor

There are cities that require you to have a permit to beg, or more politically correct, pan handle. The permits often say the times and locations that are alright for the activity to take place. Most require an ID and a check through the system to make sure the requester isn't a criminal. Some are free like in Raleigh, N.C, but other cities charge the homeless and poor for the permits. The fees go up from five dollars.

Where can the poor set up their tent? Not in the unused homes, businesses or wooded lots. They aren't supposed to be in the parks or under the bridges. If they do have a home there is still restrictions on how they can get by. There are rules about raising your own food, that you have to have power to your home even if you can't afford the bill, and that you can't turn down one kind of help from the government if you want another.

If you lose your job, give up your home, and seek help you may loose your family. If the shelter doesn't have enough beds then they may call Child Protective Services. Yet if you try to work 3 jobs to equal that one lost paycheck you may be in trouble for neglecting your family. And heaven help you if the car beaks down or you can't pay the gas to get to and from work. Never mind if you get sick, hurt, or the weather turns deadly.

Dealing With Judgement

When people are growing up they don't say to themselves that they want to grow up to just get by, pay what bills they can't get around, and skip meals so their kid can eat. Not all poor even started out there. Some used to have homes in the suburbs, newer cars, and a college fund set up for their children by the same company that held their retirement fund. Most were or are the working class that were left in a hole too deep to climb out of when the bigger, richer folks messed up the companies and industries that that they had worked for.

People that have enough and that have never known real hunger are often the quickest to judge or stand behind the insane rules and laws that force the poor to remain poor or that cause some to live up to the dark perceptions and become criminals. The upper class tend to think that if you are poor it must because you are lazy, drug addicted, and just trying to scam the world. The first thing they see in the homeless is trash. They don't take the time to know that this war veteran couldn't overcome the nightmares, that the fella under the bridge has a mental age of a twelve year old due to a blow to the head from his step-dad, or that the family in the bread line has medical issues standing between them and steady work.

We should be able to legally help out those in need. They should be legally able to help themselves get through as best as they can.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
12th Jun 2011 (#)

It is criminal the way the poor are treated in this country. And the behavior of MacDonalds and H&M speaks volumes about the corporate mentality. Thanks for getting the word out, Tichimes.

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author avatar HoboProjekt
13th Jun 2011 (#)

Waste before charity. How terrible! It doesn't make any sense to me. I understand that Mc Donalds wouldn't allow left overs to be handed out because it may lead to people intentionally making more than needed to hand out.... However it is a terrible thing to waste food or clothing when it is unnecessary. I often hand out my leftovers from restaurants to homeless people. If I can afford it, I sometimes buy something extra for the person standing around outside. I never throw away my unused or unneeded clothing unless it is wrecked, I give it to churches and charities to hand out. Waste is bad! Bad for the earth too.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
15th Jun 2011 (#)


I see your kindness in your writings.

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author avatar saurik
16th Jun 2011 (#)

The prophet mohammad peace be upon him said:
"He who sleeps contentedly while his neighbors sleep hungry did not believe in my message."

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author avatar Tranquilpen
16th Jun 2011 (#)

Dear Tichimes, I will not answer you with condescending words, as I don't think that you want to hear that. but I urge you to please rise up my friend and take this research to the highest level.send your link to Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, your senator.Shout it out and don't fear. I am going through a similar situation about the poor and homeless in South Africa.Ditto your readers above. May I circulate your link on some other appropriate websites as well?
God Bless You:-))

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author avatar Tlchimes
17th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank You and please share it. It is an important topic and one that should be of concern to all people.

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author avatar Goodpal
29th Jun 2011 (#)

You have touched upon the dark side of a society that has too much money for its own good.

When money becomes the God, its followers cease to be humans. Any system that forbids expression of human kindness and compassion towards weak and poor is worth nothing.

The worth and civility of a society is judged by how it treats its weaker section, not by how rich its robotized humans are.

From your description, it is a failed society where food is thrown away rather than feeding the hungry.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th Jul 2011 (#)

Hello Tichimes, I have landed here on this page again, perhaps because the subject lies very close to my heart:-)) X

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th Jul 2011 (#)

P.S. Have placed your link on several websites.

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author avatar Tlchimes
5th Jul 2011 (#)

Thank you so much! Yeah my heart is deep in to this....

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author avatar Retired
17th Jul 2011 (#)

Well written, similar problem in the UK.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th Mar 2012 (#)

I wonder what keeps me coming back to your article, strange?? Anyhow, I hope you are still fighting the good fight for the poor. God bless you.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Dec 2014 (#)

I always pity the children more as it is never their fault to be left in the cold. We should have humanism to be called human - siva

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