The Decline of Morals

ispeakthetruth By ispeakthetruth, 25th Oct 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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I can see that moral values have declined over the years.

The Decline of Moral Values

When I was a kid, I can remember one commercial in particular that had the models advertising bras. The women had on black tops that covered them from neck to waste. They wore white bras over the tops. Yes, that has been a while. I see commercials now that have sexy barely clothed models eating or drinking something in a way that suggests something other than the deliciousness of the food or drink. I love Lady Gaga's music, but her videos should be shown only on the Playboy channel. And now, young Miley Cyrus makes a video naked? What are we presenting to the world? Are we showing the world our country has lost it's decency? I'm no prude, but, give me a break. I try to earn money online posting ads. It seems the best paying show some form of indecency. What is our world coming to when sex is the best selling item on the agenda? I have also heard young kids using more foul language in public than there used to be. I can remember saying something a lot less foul, for which, when my father heard it, he put his lather brush from his barbershop in my mouth. He used it with soap and water to lather men for shaves. I think it is disgraceful to hear "F" this, "F" that and may other foul words. The words are ugly. I've told some young people who I actually feel are good kids, not to talk like that n front of me. I've had customers with families say they don't appreciate that kind of talk in front of their kids, when a hardworking girl I know worked with me. Basically, she's a good kid, it's just her foul mouth. Listen up people, kids learn from us. If you want them to live decent and respectable lives, watch what you say or do in front of them. We are their role models. We need to present a respectable face.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
25th Oct 2013 (#)

Yes, I think we are going backwards in some ways with regard to respect for women.
A thoughtful, article,Thanks.

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
1st Dec 2013 (#)

I couldn't agree with you more.

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
25th Oct 2013 (#)

It sure seems that way. It seems sex and foul language are the best sellers.

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author avatar Retired
30th Nov 2013 (#)

I agree that we parents do need to set a good example for our children because they do learn from us.

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author avatar ispeakthetruth
15th Dec 2015 (#)

They learn from all of us.

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