The Democratic Agenda

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The plan of direction the Democratic party should use to unite the nation

The Democratic Agenda

In the mist of this President's trial by error administration the Democratic Party continues to grasp at straws for an agenda that would rally a nation that most feel is moving in a very wrong direction. The only light of reason and hope in this problematic presidency has been the continued outspoken presence of Bernie Sanders. But, like during the primaries the establishment of the DNC continues to dismiss and really ignore the message that Senator Sanders keeps putting out. He has been in the forefront of progressive ideas, ideals, and solutions for the past 35 years. Ideas and solutions that would greatly enhance the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americas all across the country.

In every major city there continues to be a growing number of people who have lost hope, lost love ones through violent acts of aggression and frustration and so many more people who have lost the opportunities for a better quality of life. In Chicago alone plighted neighborhoods that are breeding grounds for gang and gun violence continue to drain the resources of a once great city. The same thing can be said for cities like Detroit, L.A. New York, Miami and so many more major metropolises that need the resources to combat the rising insurgencies that are making our great cities resemble third world countries.

To see for yourself how plighted our cities have become to the point that they look like war zones coming straight at you from Syria is to actually drive through the many urban sections of every major city in the country. The Democratic party not only has a unique opportunity but a moral obligation to every American to rise above the infighting and come together to really focus on a plan of direction for short term gain and long term sustainability. Much of what Senator Sanders has been focusing on during the primaries would and should be used as a focal point to begin to formulate that plan of direction for the United States.

Using logic and reason instead of hype and hyperbole, where hope and opportunities are restored and where compassion and benevolence outweigh greed, graft and fraud are all infused in the message that Senator Sanders has been saying for years. Now, the task before the DNC is to wake up and put together what most of what Senator Sanders has been saying all along into a comprehensive format where every American would be able to recognize how this agenda would benefit the entire United States. An agenda that would rally this nation to give light in an otherwise darkened world, to give hope where there is none, to restore opportunities for a better quality of life where so few exist now are all part of an agenda that all ready exists.

The problem though has been the continued lack of foresight of the established bureaucrats of both parties. Now, as the nation flounders in troubled seas the captain of our ship of state already is plotting a course straight for catastrophe. The question remains will the DNC get it's act together and recognize that without decisive action to unite behind a direct plan of direction that focuses upon the growth, stability and prosperity of every American will never materialize. Our nation needs that unity of purpose that only National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation will bring.

Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality; The Principals upon which our democracy was founded. Where are they today? The United States is being led to the brink of implosion by corporate greed, political corruption, elected officials ineptness, and our own apathy. For the past 40 years we have witnessed a steady decline, an almost total evaporation of the ideals and principals that made the United States a leader among nations of the world. In doing so we are now faced with an uncertain future, a sociological and economic deterioration unparalleled in our history. Our direction as a nation is clouded in an uncertain future.

Today, what we are witnessing is a government holding the American public hostage. Never before has our elected officials become so self absorbed with an ideology that is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany Not, to mention that the United States is still in a financial and economic tailspin brought about by our own corporate leaders of high finance and policies of our own government. To date a financial crises continues to impact almost every family and small business all across the country. A real concern exists that when a government of the people and by the people has morphed into a body of self absorbed, self serving bureaucrats which is exactly what has happened America's days are numbered. In every corner of the United States there is a real concern of eminent disaster waiting to happen. Everywhere there is under current of financial worries, social crises, and the inefficiency of government. It is the inefficiency of our own government which not only continues to fester like an open wound but has become so infected the only cure is amputation. Will apathy and corruption win out and keep current government policies in play or will voters become so angered that the next election we will root out incumbency of Republicans in 2018? If we fail to act we will continue to slide away from what our founding fathers envisioned and won't emerge from the quandary that our government and major corporations have now put this country into. It is time to do what is right for America instead of what is good for any individual, candidate or elected official.

With our federal deficit which has gone beyond ones ability to comprehend, when over 50 million Americans still can't afford health care, that's even with the enactment of the Affordable Health Care Law, still millions living from pay-check to pay-check, with millions more with non at all, more people incarcerated than any other nation, and the threat of man induced terrorism remains a very authentic probability, an infrastructure that has been eaten away because of the failure of put in place reforms and policies is as real as it gets. We have to have policies and reforms that would strengthen and improve bridges, our own electric grid, develop fresh water transfer nation wide and other projects that would safeguard the American public. These are just a few of the urgent needs facing our society today. No longer can we sit idle while our elected officials continually miss the boat. Miss the boat, our current legislatures today and President can't even find the right pier.

History is an invaluable tool. Lessons learned from the past are essential for today's reality. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt realized that a strong foundation was needed to pull America out of the depression. Passage of the New Deal was crucial in bringing about lasting economic growth. The result was that after World War II the United States had the greatest economic expansion in history. As a nation the prospect of another depression if nothing is done will likely occur. Will we survive? Maybe! To do nothing or to borrow for short term relief as with the recent bailouts to just a few financial institutions and big businesses was not the answer either. The current sequester put in play or should we say jammed down the American publics throats has only intensified the ongoing financial and economic crisis the United States is in. Action is need now. It is our fundamental right, our obligation, and our duty to respond as a nation.

Today what is needed to keep the United States out of further economic decline and to thwart another major catastrophe is National Economic Reform. National Economic Reform with the implementation of it's Ten Articles of Confederation maybe similar to the New Deal. The reality is that the enactment of the Ten Articles of Confederation will provide the reasons why and the resources needed to propel the United States into a brighter and more secure future. Establishing National Economic Reform is essential in restoring the United States credibility, achieving lasting economic growth, providing national security and ushers in a new age of prosperity for all Americans. These Ten Articles of Confederation are all intertwined where each one is contingent on the other. They are:

Budget Deficit Reduction
Universal Health Care
Education Reform
Social Security Restoration
Trade Deficit Equalization
Science and Technologies Implementation
Immigration and Homeland Security Reform
Department of Economic Development
Defense Initiative
US Treasury Reform



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