The End Of The Line?

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Has the United States reached the end of the line with this next Presidential election?

The End Of The Line?

The moment has arrived. We have all waited with baited breath on the announcement of the first Presidential wannabe to come forward. For some reason though whenever a person announces a candidacy for any political office they always stipulate that they are running for that particular job. It seems to me that they will always be out of breath. But, with this newly self appointed crusader of the ultra conservative Republican party Ted Cruz is just getting started.

Maybe what is wrong with our political experience today is the fact that instead of saying I am running for that office one should amply state that they would try to seek public office. A choice of words says and means a difference in the way our political system is run. All of which by the way has become so corrupted. As we come to this past weeks unofficial start of the Presidential campaign season we had better be mindful to follow the letter of law as stated in the Constitution. Lately, though the Supreme Court has had a dubious distinction and record of interpreting the constitution to serve political expediency which has corrupted not only our democratic process but has proven disastrous to our heritage. And, when national heritage is corrupted sooner or latter that nation falls.

It is amazing how much this nations heritage has been cast aside for the mere purpose of political posturing and corporate welfare. The gullibility of people today especially our younger generations are all too eager to put politicians on pedestals. And, so often it is these same politicians just may be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is really no surprise either that in the age of mass media attention the more the media exposure individual ego's tend to take precedent over common sense. For many Republicans from Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Governor Rick Scott climate change is not in their vocabulary. Unfortunately though whenever these politicians remarks are covered in the media, and in their repetition, can gain credibility most notably in the eyes of so many. All this does is create an impasse in putting solutions in place to safeguard the future for us all.

Now, with other Republican climate deniers set to ramp up this coming Presidential election season it is crucial that the public knows the facts on just how in their deniability these candidates are really part of the problem of the many crisis we face today. Global warming is real and a real imminent threat to all life on this planet. Carbon emissions have only increased, especially in China and India. Last year, 2014 was the hottest year on record and despite the harsh winter this past season 19 states had their warmest winter season ever. Need we remind everyone that the historic and ongoing drought in California really is a direct result of global warming. Not to mention the impact is being felt in every grocery store around the country with continually increasing costs of every thing we eat.

With the many Republicans clamoring for relevancy in an age of superficial e-mail accounts are immersed in rhetoric of generalities. Meanwhile, we the hapless public are left not with an air of enlightenment but with a true sense of bewilderment and often betrayal by their remarks and forced policies that have continually undermined the financial stability of millions of Americans.

It is time we had better wake up and realize just how disruptive and even destructive the remarks that these egotistical politicians make when either on the campaign trail or while they are in office. The policies that have been coming out of Washington for years have only cemented the greatest wealth disparity gap in history while dividing a nation only further. To achieve an age of equanimity in our society is not an impossible task but it will take radical and revolutionary reforms. Knowing that is a step we must take to ensure our future.


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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Another interesting page.Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Mar 2015 (#)

I live in Canada where we have an ultra Conservative government who pay little attention to climate change. Good share. Blessings.

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