The Falsification of the History Books by the Congress Party

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The books in Indian schools portray a false picture of the Moguls. Perhaps it is due to the Congress party's brand of secularism to falsify history to win vote banks

The Real Moguls

In 1526 Babur the invader defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and seized power In Delhi. Subsequently the dynasty founded by Babur survived for another 300 years. Babur who had come from Central Asia made India his abode and ruled over his Indian subjects, mostly Hindus.
The History books for school schools tell the students that the Mughal rulers were true Indians and respected Hindus a lot. There good points are brought out and a façade of a tolerant rule is shown. But in real fact the Moghul rulers were Moslems and treated their Hindu subjects with disdain. They felt it their divine right to rule, break Hindu Temples, impose Jizzia, marry and abduct Hindu girls and princesses, Build mosques on the ruins of burnt temples, make victory arches of the heads of Hindu soldiers killed in battle and a host of other things that have no explanation.
Starting with Babar, he was in essence a bigoted ruler. He imposed the Jizzia and razed the holy temple at Ayodhya the birth place of Lord Ram.In addition he saw to it that Moslem and Turkish nobles called the shots and in no way he thought of himself as an Indian.
The next Mughal ruler is Akbar, about whom a lot many historians go ga ga over his ‘greatness’. But, an examination will show that he was also a bigoted ruler who till the last days of his reign continued on a spree of temple destruction. In fact when Badyuni came to him with a promise that he would destroy the Hindus and dye his beard and moustaches with their (Hindus) blood, Akbar was delighted and gave him 50 gold sovereigns.
Akbar also never fully gave any freedom of propagation of Hindu religion. Thus when his general Jai Singh wished to construct a temple in the east, he forbade it and ordered him to build a mosque in its place. His massacre of 30,000 Hindu peasants after the siege of Chittor in 1566 is to well documented to be repeated. In addition, he married umpteen Hindu wives and had a harem of over 300 women.
Akbar’s son Jahangir, who was his son from a Hindu princess, beheaded a Kafir (Hindu) and Akbar did nothing about it. Though towards the end of his reign, Akbar had mellowed a lot and had given some leeway to the Hindus under him, the fact is that he was only the least bigoted of the other emperors.
The exploits of Aurangzeb are too well known as well. He was a devout Moslem who could recite passages from the Koran by heart. He also carried out massive destructions of temples and on their ruins built mosques. The Hindus were effectively second class citizens and these are confirmed by European travelers to India during these times.
Most of the Mughal emperors were thus upholders of Islamic thought. There is nothing wrong with it, but what is wrong is to portray them as nationalist Indians, which they were not. They were aliens and ruled with an iron hand over their Hindu subjects. No history book can falsify this fact, yet the congress party playing to minority vote bank politics falsify history.


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