The Good Old Days Of Summer

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Will the United States get it's act together or will this current wave of violence sink any hope of real economic recovery?

The Good Old Days Of Summer

"Roll out those lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer, the days of soda, pretzels and beer." When Nat King Cole sang that most memorable melody those really were the days to remember. Unfortunately, though time has a way of marching on. The sad fact is that 50 years ago our world in the United States was much different, yet simpler, had a more gentile way of life. Sure, there were many misgivings about our society back then but, not like what is occurring on an almost weekly basis today. The latest shooting in a movie theater just this past week, to what many view as criminal behavior on the part of some police our world today is anything but the serenity that many yearn for of those lazy crazy days of yesteryear.

From climate change, to the waste of our precious natural resources, especially water, to the continued inhumanity to man has pretty much sealed the fate for all of mankind. Yet, too many governmental officials right here in the US remain un fazed by all the violent atrocities. It is the same old rhetoric spouted every time gun related carnage occurs or drug infested crime is committed. The tried and true measures of common sense, with the ability to actually implement reforms, policies and laws that would negate all the wonton violence, and crime associated with illegal drug activity has continued to elude the powers that be. Could it actually be that ill gotten gains are of paramount importance instead of ushering in reforms that would actually work? Many a time gun violence right here in the United States would have been adverted had we implemented reforms using technology developed for the specific purpose to curb and eventually eliminate the atrocities that have been committed. Remember Columbine, and Sandy Hook?

There are serious problems right here within our society today. From the moral decay, the random senseless violent acts committed, and the increased associations with known terrorists groups all within our own borders leaves so many of us aghast wondering in bewilderment as to how we ended up so far removed from the tranquility of those wondrous summer days of so long ago. Many of us baby boomers remember our own fathers saying "I remember when" Now, it is our turn to remember when. Remembering a time where summer days of really not so long ago but, today it seems almost like an eternity when we romped through those carefree summer days.

With a Presidential election not too far away still is enough time to bring to the debate table actual common sense proposals geared toward reversing the trends of our society. Believe it or not there has been available since the mid 1980's technology specifically designed for the sole purpose to eliminate the violent acts by deranged individuals that purposely carry out their heinous intentions. Stupefied, or catering to the NRA many legislatures continue to usher so-called reforms concerning gun control. The Brady Bill had some positive impact but to be able to stock pile automatic military style weapons as so many continue to do sends a distorted message. But, when we have within our mists the actual means at our disposal to see to it that certain individuals that gain access to weaponry are not capable of using that weapon and yet fail to implement those measures we just maybe as guilty as the perpetrator.

There are other concerning questions that need direct involvement by our current legislatures and our whole society. What has been allowed to occur since those carefree summer days of 50 years ago has undermined the ability of so many not only African Americans but all Americans to have access to opportunities for self advancement. Lost in the shuffle of political expediency for more corporate gain are the means to which one of any ethnic group to rise above and secure their place on the ladder of upward mobility. The results of which are being played out all across the United States. The continued assault on the poor has reached far and wide. With so much violent acts committed and the ever constant flow of illicit drugs have made our law enforcement officers feeling the brunt. Too many times though they have taken very serious aggressive actions that many seem to target African Americans the most. Remember Rodney King?

We have to remember whenever there is a almost complete lack of opportunity regardless of race or religion there are always repercussions that manifest into a major crisis. Those lost opportunities especially for African Americas has led to racial divisions that have many times escalated into violent confrontations. Many are concerned, while the media and our current elected officials continue to congratulate themselves on the so-called unemployment numbers lately, that still so many are lost in the transition of an economy that was once dominated by manufacturing to one of service and retail. Compounding the realization of lost opportunities our sociological changes for the past few decades has also infused a distinct separation of cultures and traditions. We see in the types of music, literature, movies and what we see everyday on TV.

It just could very well be that what we witness today contributes to many of us becoming so insensitive to the brutality that is so often displayed through-out all venues of the media. It is the poorest neighborhoods where communities are mostly African Americans that have seen their share of violent atrocities from gang related violence and drug activity where the law enforcement officials are already hard pressed to stop the deluge of illegal activity. With all the budget cutbacks from years of political posturing have made many not just police officers but elected officials just as insensitive to what many feel as routine existence for those neighborhoods.

The handwriting is on the wall if our society keeps being unsensitized to what is occurring all around. This next presidential election just maybe the last opportunity to save the United States from ourselves. Let us hope that common sense legislation is realized. This in the form of real authentic gun control being implemented. Gun control that actually works to stem the rising tide of so much carnage and lives lost. Realizing legislation in the form of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation is essential for real economic growth and reform. Once implemented the ladder of upward mobility not only becomes assessable for millions of Americans but serves as a catalyst in restoring the ability for one to take that first step up..


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One problem that the United States has is that it hangs on to a constitution that was OK for the world in which it was written - 200 or more years ago - but is inappropriate today.

The "right to bear arms" would disappear if the 2nd Amendment was interpreted in the way it was originally intended, or the Amendment was repealed.

If every American who owned a gun was actually a member of "a well-regulated militia", there would be very few school or other mass shootings!

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