The Hidden Agenda

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The way Trump is acting as President is very similar to the way Hitler acted during the 1930's

The Hidden Agenda

With his henchmen behind him Donald Trump continues his sporadic, neurotic and self inflicting behavior that typifies a person on the edge. This wouldn't be so bad in itself but when we have a President of the United States behaving as only the Trumpseter knows how to do the country and the rest of the world are beginning to realize that this one person could in fact unleash untold damage to the republic of the United States and could realistically shove this nation toward international conflicts that could lead to a world war. That being said the fact of the matter is history is already repeating. To realize that Trump's behavior is very similar to one of histories most diabolical dictators is a fact that can't be ignored any longer. The instigator of the Holocaust and the mastermind of evil that ushered in World War II reminds us that history can and often does repeat with disastrous results.

As the United States begins to see just how Trump has turned the Presidency into a mockery of an institution the rest of the world continues to wonder just how long can the American people put up with the antics that are similar to that of Adolf Hitler. From many of the comments that already have been made shows that a small minority can't seem to realize just how inept this person, who many voted for in the first place really is. Inept in that he has ever since his Inauguration done nothing to stabilize the growing divisions that are pulling this country apart. All he has done is put in place a cabinet that is the very antithesis of what the majority of the population stand for. He has insulted practically every ethnic group and ushered in executive orders that are contrary to the basic principles to which our Democracy is based on. Not one thing that Trump has done has had a positive impact on the economy, the health, the stability and security of this nation.

When we take a close look at what Trump has actually said and done in his first few weeks in office there are echoes of the past that should be a wake up call for every American to realize the dangers that this one person represents to the Free World. To see the similarities between Trump and Hitler we look no further his stigmatization of minorities. If we retrace history we realize that the Nazi Holocaust of the Jewish population was not just genocide of a race of people it was because Hitler regarded the Jews as an existential threat to Germany. Hitler's rational was that if the Jewish population existed they would always pose a threat to Germany. Other ethnic groups that the Nazis stigmatized, discriminated and yes many were murdered just to get them out of the way. Now if we take a hard look at the rhetoric that the Trump Administration is using about the Islamic extremist jihadis is very much similar to what the Nazis were saying back in the early 1930's. Granted the Islamic extremists are a realistic threat to the US and rest of the world but the language that is constantly said over and over again remains that there really is quite a echo of the past.

Trump won the presidency much like Hitler did when he came into power. Once both seized the reigns of power the rush was on to push, in Trumps case executive orders through and in Hitler's case to pass legislation to give Hitler supreme power to make laws. We have in both cases what was been done first was by legal means. Many did not agree with what was being passed or shoved through but it was done most effectively to ensure both Trump and Hitler got their way. In Hitler's case he rushed through several laws that set up his one party state closed down opposition newspapers and installed Joseph Goebbels as a trusted confidant and the inventor of news whether it was true or not.

The similarities are quite nerving because in Trumps case he has surrounded himself with people who basically are yes people. These people are capable of lying to fancy Trumps outlandish claims while others are just there to solidify Trump's agenda. An agenda that's if we can call it that. Also, is the fact that Trump has a very narcissistic personality much like Hitler. Both men share the same personality traits that have clouded their decisions which led to and can still lead to horrific acts of injustice.

We had better wake up and really recognize just how dangerous this President is. Trump has shown complete contempt for the courts and rule of law. The many ethic violations that continue to mount and his open assault on the courts especially with the immigration and travel ban echoes what the Nazis did. When Hitler bypassed the courts by setting up a parallel justice system the whole legal system in Germany during the 1930's up until the end of the War caved in to Hitler's demands. We are not there yet but if Trump continues with the gutless Republicans in tow things could get much worse in a hurry.

There continues to be be those who have long since questioned Trump's mental state or is he just a big buffoon. Many thought Trump was just a joke not to be take seriously. Many thought that once Trump won the election the Republican party could calm him down when he assumed the responsibilities of office. Boy, how wrong they were. But, the similarities between Trump and Hitler stop when Trump continues to but his foot in his mouth every time he speaks. Speaking off the cuff has continually gotten him in trouble and just shows that he really doesn't have a clue of how the handle the duties of the Presidency in a dignified and honorable manner. All one has to do is read his tweets to realize just how ridicules he actually sounds. Hitler was no buffoon. He very carefully prepared all his speeches. To some they had the feel of spontaneity but they actually were well prepared to further Hitler's agenda.

Whatever agenda Trump has to offer beyond his ludicrous Boarder wall and his deportation of illegal immigrants there is nothing substantial that actually would ensure the stability, the prosperity, and the authentic security. His agenda is already full of meaningless rhetoric instead of verifiable ideals, facts, and solutions that would ensure America's future be as bright as possible instead of a blight on the world's stage. A hidden agenda that the world has seen before with horrific consequences. We must not let it happen again.


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