The Hour Glass

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When the hour glass runs empty it really is too late for the United States

The Hour Glass

As the sands of time flow downward the sea of change continues to ebb. It ebbs not with grace but with a velocity of a coming tsunami. The world that I once knew when I was young is unrecognizable now. Back at a time when memories were made has kept my compass almost on the straight and narrow. I lived through times of hardships and woe, experienced joy and adulation and through it all never have I seen what our world has come to today. Sure, there are scientific breakthroughs and technological marvels that have made an impact but, yet the world keeps shifting toward a more ominous outcome. Our world is more convoluted, complex and dangerous now.

Many of us that have reached this plateau in life have seen this world go from good to bad. It is though we are spinning out of control. Powerless we seem to be to stave off the coming catastrophe. To put blame for the times we are in seems pointless now. But, to let the chips fall where they may would be the greatest travesty of all. Many of us remember when helping hands were always at the ready. In some instances they still are. But, the days of those yesteryears are irrelevant by the powers that be. For they are only focused on quenching their thirst for more power, wealth and ultimate control. To their own devious ends they subjugate the masses to be unwilling accomplices to ensure their own ill gotten gains.

We have seen leaders all through-out history ignite the furor of rebellion. Rebellion where the only choice the impoverished masses have is to rise up in violent revolt. Could it be we are going to be witness to history that is about to repeat? When the voices of the people are ignored, when nonviolent protests don't correct the imbalances, and when better ideas never get discussed are all indications that times are about to change.

Someone once said drastic times call for drastic measures. The corrupt and ineptness of our government continue to stoke the flames of revolt. A constitutional crisis is surely at hand. 2016 saw an election and even the primaries as the most corrupt, rigged, and outright indefensible break of the rule of law in our nations history. The results are staggering as the nation sits on a powder keg of anger waiting to explode.

As we react to yet another terrorist attack, more senseless shootings, await the latest series of military posturing from North Korea, still reeling from the effects of the disasters we have made in the Mid-East, and experiencing the after affects of major hurricanes and forest fires mostly caused by global warming have all contributed to the growing anxiety within the United States. When we add the corrupt occurrences coming out of Washington especially within the present Administration adds another key factor to the real possibility of more than just civil unrest.

The last time we have seen a nation so divided was almost 50 years ago. We managed to heal most of those wounds. With courage and conviction with grace and poise many of our past leaders have brought a unity of purpose. But, that unity was extinguished some time ago. Many remember when Robert Kennedy died. When we think about it now had he lived just maybe this nation would not be facing the troubles of our times. The leaders we have had since to safeguard this state some have tried while others have failed. Now, we have a leader with congress to match that have managed to open those old wounds and divide us once again. With callous intent, with utter contempt and with an ineptitude of their purpose have only exasperated the growing divide. The imbalance in our society we continue to see. The outcry of frustration grows louder when it falls on deaf ears. The deaf ears of those in Washington has put this nation on a course that was unheard of when the hour glass was full.

What can be done to close the divide and bring balance back to steady a nation? A most sobering question that no one has asked. The answer lies out there hidden in plain sight. Oblivious to the onlookers, those closed minded folks. But, they are readily available to those who think outside the box. To those who remember when the hour glass was full know what made those times so good. Sure, there was some imbalance back then but, now the whole system is way out of whack. When greed takes precedent over common sense, when compassion is over ruled by a power structure that is so blind it can't see, and when the reigns of government are held so tight it strangles too many opportunities all have created the tempests we see.

Questions need answers and yet few will agree. Is our society so desensitized where we are too numb to feel the pain or is our power structure so embedded their roots still hold firm? Many feel that this is the reality we face today. To effect change and bring a new reality will take more than wishful thinking to turn this tide around. To return to a common purpose, to right the wrongs of today will take a plan of direction to pave the way. With the world trembling when we have leaders run amok and where divisive engineering is in our society today is the cold reality. But, if we rise above all the infighting and unite behind this plan of unity can bring us all together in peace and harmony. When people open up their minds to new ideas or even remember those old fashion remedies can implement the course corrections to overturn that hour glass and make it full again. That plan of unity, that plan of direction, and that plan of purpose for all to see is detailed in National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation. This is the "Real Deal" for the times we are in.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
5th Nov 2017 (#)

Turn the hour glass over. It is just an hour remember???
Problem is that none of you support your head of State whom you lot elected unlike what happened in NZ where one person went to make a choice who would be the head of State and put a 37 year old woman who has no clue of politics on the chair and she is opening the doors to refugees when the country has a job crisis looming as companies are leaving NZ. He is a Business Man, businesses have turnaround strategies but the first step is undoing the nonsense created by the predecessor and then bringing in the strategies of the successors for a successful turnaround.
None the less, your country, your people, I only look at the soiled idiots of Hole E Wood you bring out as all the good stars are either dead or hanging up gloves because of the entertainment politics and murders of good stars who helped many people not satanists who poked and stirred the caldron with the predecessor using their colour as the clue.

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