The Importance of Chemistry to Our Life

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Understanding chemistry is very important due to the following major reasons: first, everything around us is made up of chemicals, and second, chemical reactions is part of our daily life. One example is the transformation of light energy into food (chemical energy) through photosynthesis by the plants, and the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical by the animals (consumers).

Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry deals primarily with the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. That simple definition alone gives us two major reasons why we need to study chemistry. Firstly, the fact that everything around us is made up of chemicals, whether it occurs as solid, liquid or gas. Then the second reason is supported by a famous saying that, "There is no permanent in this world but change." Such changes can be explained with the knowledge on chemical reaction.
Now, let's share and discuss the importance of chemistry and the knowledge about chemical reactions with each other.

From Food to Energy

Human body is like a living machine that requires energy to operate, and such energy can be stored in chemicals like food. First, we have the producers, which can convert energy coming from the sun into chemical energy as sugar (food). This process occurs in two chemical reactions, which we had known as photosynthesis. This process is carried out primarily by plants to produce energy for their own use.
The chemical energy is stored into chemicals, where in this case is a sugar called glucose. Glucose would get into consumers when they eat or ingest food. Consumers include humans, who belongs to the top of food pyramid being a tertiary consumer. As the food is broken down into smaller and smaller particles, it is prepared for the next process called respiration. Unlike what most people knew, respiration pertains to the breakdown of organic compounds by reacting it with oxygen gas. Such chemical reaction would yield to carbon dioxide and water. Aside from that, the food is converted into energy which is utilized by the human body in order to provide energy.

What is your view about chemistry's importance?

Now it's your chance to explain why chemistry is important to you. Please elaborate and explain how chemistry greatly influence your daily life. Write your comment(s) below.


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author avatar Vallabh rathva
22nd Nov 2011 (#)

i really love chemistry ,ook all around you - plastics, drugs and medicines, paints, electronics, all these and more rely on organic chemistry for their production.

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author avatar Chelle
5th Jun 2012 (#)

panget mo

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author avatar Cassandra
14th Jun 2012 (#)

i agreeeeeeee..... over use na kaci ang tammmmmaaaaahhhhh..... heheheheehhe

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author avatar Hony Mae Bonita
26th Jan 2012 (#)

I also love chemistry,,, because it helps me in my daily life. How important the chemistry in our life.

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author avatar Sofia
7th Jun 2012 (#)

tammmmmmahhhh ,.

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author avatar Sofia
7th Jun 2012 (#)

tammmmmmahhhh ,.

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author avatar Christian lubas
18th Jun 2012 (#)

chemistry is very important to us because it can help us to cook easily ex. noodles, noodles is a product of chemistry not only noodles like shampoo, soap , etc.

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author avatar LY
24th Jun 2012 (#)

hindi ko nga maintdhan yung chemistry eh... nkaka-gulo sa utak! Tae

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author avatar S
12th Jun 2013 (#)


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author avatar Katalyna elizondo
10th Mar 2015 (#)

i love chemistry.....i have the best chemistry teacher in the world.... from compre....if you don't like chemistry you are missing the true meaning of love!

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