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Will the message of hope, peace and prosperity be realized or will the power brokers have their way?

The Intellectual

In today's rough and tumble Presidential Politics coming mainly from the Republican Party it is so refreshing that one candidate stands alone. An intellectual if you will. And, yet many discredit him. The media as well as many in the Democratic party whose members have gone out of their way to ignore the growing popularity of his message. It is quite understandable why so many can't or won't understand the clarity and rational of his message. With many in our society so disenfranchised, and in sensitized by years of disingenuous policies that have ravaged this nation are prone to embrace candidates that appear larger than life. Candidates who are prone to exaggeration and innuendos and yet have a Svengali effect in luring supporters. Whether the lure is wealth, which in today's society it is so apparent, or predetermined media hype where other candidates dominate the front pages are often the bait that captures voters.

Webster defines an intellectual as a person who engages in critical study, thought and reflection about the reality of society and proposes solutions for the problems of that society. One may not be born with a level of intellect of an Einstein but many intellectuals have evolved humanitarianly as well as intellectually learning from mistakes made. And, in the case of todays' presidential politics there is one individual who has become the intellectual for he has attained a level of acute awareness to understand the mistakes that this country has made over the years. Mistakes that has put the United States in the quandary that it is in today. It is his acute ability to decipher what is required in a way no other candidates have even come close to. Through years of diligent study he has acquired the unique ability in understanding the complexities of today. And, yet so many are incapable, unwilling or just too affixed on other candidates rhetoric to notice the true nature and significance of what Senator Sanders is trying to do for the Untied States.

From every news outlet it seems as though the fix is in for Clinton. It just maybe out of fear that the status-quo will be forever altered in a way that is upsetting to the existing powers that be. And, for many they fear what they really don't understand. Maybe they don't want to understand or in many cases are just incapable of fathoming the ideas and solutions that would rectify many of the ills facing this country and the world. And, now when you have Republican power brokers undermining the true democratic process where the votes cast are inconsequential is just as unsettling as the fix is for Hillary Clinton with all those super delegates already positioned in her corner. Least we forget all the bias news reporting that reinforces public opinion..

Now, here comes a breath of fresh air that clears out all the smoke from those back room deals between the power brokers of Presidential Campaigns. What Senator Sanders has been doing for years has been under the radar. But, sadly many now just can't understand the rational of his reasoning in regard to the message he his conveying to the American public. His is a message of change. No longer can the United States remain on the path of the current status-quo. For if we do our future is bleak for the majority of Americans. We all have to realize that change is inevitable and necessary for growth and development. For without the right change society ultimately moves backward. And that is what this country has been doing for some time now.

It is Senator Sanders message that is appealing to so many who are frustrated with the status-quo. No longer able to get ahead and realize their full potential in a society that is now rigged right from the start. Whether your are black or white, Hispanic or Muslim his is a message of hope, peace and prosperity for all. It is this message that for many in positions of power and prestige that are unnerving. Unnerving in a way that they feel threatened by the sudden changes proposed will disrupt the status-quo that for years have only entrenched their foothold on power to which wealth flows. Someone once said that if you are wealthy you always have a choice but if you are poor like so many in the United States are today the choice is made for you. And this is the heart of what Senator Sanders is trying to change.

If there ever was a time for this Dark Horse candidate to come galloping across the country the time is now. Not since Woodrow Wilson whose own vision for peace was compromised into an agreement which proved the be the catalyst that sparked the flames of discontent through-out Europe. Discontent that Adolf Hitler used to rise into power. Had the power brokers in Europe accepted the original 14 points and our Congress Ratified the League Of Nations many believe another war would have been avoided. But, since the US never fully supported the League of Nations the league never had the backing to support the original concepts to which it was originally founded to do. Could we be on a trajectory to repeat mistakes made and embracing change by ignoring Senator Sanders message of hope, peace, and revitalization?


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