The Kevbot becomes conscious and finds himself waking up in a strange world

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In this instalment of the EENDAG video novel, you are going to meet a character called the Kevbot, a robot as close to a human being as you will ever get.

The Kevbot becomes conscious and finds himself waking up in a strange world

Somebody is experiencing something here, but cannot quite grasp what it is.

There is lots of water, lots of electricity, flashes of light and strange visions...

Such is the experience of the Kevbot, a robot that was designed and grown using the DNA of Kevin Sweefarend, an aspirant robot designer and creator by trade.

After the experience of his creation, he was placed somewhere by a mysterious hand. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, from where it will have to start learning and becoming conscious of its surroundings, kind of like it probably was for pre-historic man.

Kevbot is waking up now. Slowly but surely he is taking in his surroundings bit by bit.

He seems to be in a strange, desolate world.

He does seem to have some feint memories retained, most likely the memories of Kevin Sweefarend, from whose organic material the Kevbot was grown. But does cloning and growing mean that memories get transferred too?

Seems not, but he does seem to remember something about a bedroom, because his first thought waking up here, is that this place certainly is not his bedroom. Where is he?

And here is where the memories seem to stop for now, because he cannot remember for the life of him anything that had happened to him before, or how he ended up sleeping on top of what seems to be a mountain in a desolate desert.

He gets up and realizes that he might be in a predicament now. He runs around a bit, trying to see if there is some information in his surroundings that will make things clearer to him.

The sun rises over the horizon, illuminating the world around him. It's a strange, beautiful, wonderful world.

He tries to make sense of it all. It is then that he wonders if this is even the earth. Maybe this is all a dream?

Well, here he is, and he will have to deal with being in surroundings that are completely new to him.

You can view this chapter of the EENDAG video novel here.


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