The Mad Push to Legalize Marijuana

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~If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
~Thomas Jefferson

The New Face of America

When organized labor unions make a passionate plea on the behalf of legal marijuana growing and distribution, it is an indication that America has gone to hell in a hand basket. Molly Redden reports for The New Republic: One morning in April as the California sun began to ascend over the coast, representatives from various drug enforcement agencies raided Oakland properties owned by Richard Lee, then the prominent figure of California’s medical-marijuana industry. At Oaksterdam University, Lee’s mufti-level business school for marijuana workers, agents stormed the building with power saws, a sledgehammer, and a small battering ram, and exited the building with scores of loose documents. At Lee’s nearby dispensary, they piled hordes of live cannabis plants into trash bags. Oaksterdam was inundated with agitated protesters as news of the event traveled at sonic speeds. The protesters were said to incite the police officers by yelling obscenities. Some of the antagonists hung around all day, hoisting signs, blocking the road, and smoking wacky weed.

The Struggle for Legal Acceptance

As the protest gained momentum, a more coherent cohort also united with the protestors—officials from the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5. The UFCW had been unionizing marijuana workers for the past two years, when it organized the Lee-owned businesses that were now cordoned off by quivering caution tape. At the pinnacle of the UFCW’s deeds, an estimated 2,000 cannabis workers, most of whom worked behind the counter trading medicinal marijuana in Western states, had endorsed a union contract. But infiltration by federal raids have caused that figure to spiral downward to 500 workers today. With the raid on Oaksterdam, not only had the federal government stymied the growth of the most reputable marijuana business in the state; they had adversely impacted the largest union shop, of some 100 UFCW workers, in the entire cannabis industry. “In this industry, workers are severely oppressed,” Dan Rush, the head of the UFCW’s cannabis division, said. “But it’s not by, necessarily, the employers. It’s more by an ignorant social and political environment.” And that includes the White House, he added: “A president who did not do what he said he would before he was elected.” Indeed, when Local 5 first began to organize marijuana workers, management generally refrained from interfering, in the hopes that the union would foster an amicable political environment.


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A difficult topic to reach to the right conclusion, as time and socio-economic factors changes so rapidly without any notice!

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