The Mexican drug war spills over into the U.S.

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The drug war that wages in Mexico has now spilled it's violence over into the United States.

Mexican drug cartel at war with U.S. drug dealers

Up until a few months ago most of us had heard of Mexico’s drug problems and the fighting among the different groups there. Recently however the violence that goes along with the drug trade and is so prevalent in Mexico has crossed the border into the U.S. and is now here with us. Innocent people are now at risk and some have already lost their lives having been caught in the crossfire of the Mexican mafia.

It seems that drug shipments coming from Mexico are being hijacked by U.S. gangs and drug dealers which is infuriating the Mexican drug cartels. It is reported that these cartels are and have been sending hit men across the border into our country to take care of this problem. This puts the lives of many American citizens in danger every day.

The Mexican drug war is exactly what the name implies…a war. This war is fought just like any other war with guns, intelligence and extreme violence just like all other wars going on and in the past. It is a war that we definitely do not want here on our soil and should take every measure possible to push it out.

The Mexican drug trade is so big and widespread that their own government simply can’t get a handle on it. In my opinion the U.S. needs to step up and slam the door on these shipments coming into our country. It will not be easy and will forever be an on going battle but it has to be done for the safety of our citizens.

Almost all the illegal drugs coming into the United States now come from Mexico. The proceeds from this industry is estimated to be nearly 50 billion dollars a year. This industry will not stop or even slow down until we shut the door on the trade routes that cross our border. It would be a huge blow to the drug cartels and the drug gangs here if we can find a way to successfully block these routes into our country.

My hat is off to the few border patrol officers that we have, they put their lives on the line for our country every day just as our soldiers do that are away fighting in other countries. These are modern day hero’s and should be treated as such.


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