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The future of our country, and world for that matter, may be at stake, if we don't recognize the signs, the history as it repeats itself, and seeing what is there, has been there, right in front of our faces, will be the end result of what might be to come; the ignorance of bliss theory points to our tolerance and accepting the inevitable designs that man is putting in place, instead of relying on one who knows what is to come, is our inevitable demise and our own faults.

The Missing Shoe Theory.....

Have you ever lost a shoe lately? I mean ONE shoe? One of your favorite shoes? You like the way it fits, feels, and looks, and then one day....POOF!! It's like GONE! You look and look and look and still can't find it, yet you know it HAS to be SOMEWHERE in the house! You wore them both once before, took them off, put them BOTH in the closet on top of a shoe rack (or whatever)and after not wearing that favorite shoe for awhile because of weather changes (in my case it was a sandal shoe), you decided you wanted to wear it because the weather changed to warm again and it was time to put those favorite sandals back on again. But you find only ONE of them on the shoe rack! So where did the other one go? You know you put it there; at least you last remember that. It WAS there at one time. So you frantically search and search, all over the floor in the closet, maybe it traversed under the bed? Nope! Not there.. You look into another closet in another bedroom....nope, not there either, but why would it be in another closet? You KNOW you put it in the bedroom you sleep in in THAT closet, not the other bedroom closet! So, you look in the bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen....not there, nowhere! Where the HECK is that shoe?!
You end up talking to yourself..."Come on! It HAS to be HERE! In the HOUSE! I hadn't worn it since LAST summer, early autumn, and here it is Spring going into summer again and it's NOT WHERE I PUT IT? How absurd!" Then you blame someone else in the house. "Dear, did you see my shoe?!!" Your spouse, whom you grew to love and trust and talk to now becomes hostile and says, "Why you asking me? I didn't
do ANYTHING with your shoe!" Ok, the argument needs to stop there, don't blame the spouse, calm down.
"Sorry dear, I wanted to wear my favorite sandals again, but only found one of them, the left shoe, and the right one is like GONE!" So now you got your spouse into the search mode. He can't find it either, looked everywhere you just help. So he gives up, but you don't, you still look. So a couple weeks go by after you stop searching, but still have it at the back of your mind about that darn shoe. Shoe's don't go walking out by themselves.....or do they? Is some force at work here?
Do we have a ghost in the house? Awww! Come on!! No way! By the third week of not searching, something compels you, as if to say, "hey, go look for that shoe just ONE MORE TIME!" You get an idea. Take everything out of the bottom of that closet, the shoe rack, boxes on top of the shoe rack, a box that was packed long ago during the last move you did to your new home and still has junk in it, a travel bag with another travel bag inside of it, a brief case on the left side in the closet, and an ammo box full of ammo (yes, we have guns and bullets!). So, you move the small boxes that were placed on top of the shoe rack and notice that the bottom box is unevenly sitting on the bottom on top the shoe rack.
Maybe it wasn't being ignorant, I just sort of gave up for awhile and let my brain relax from that frantic searching, calm down a little, get my mind off of it and maybe it will come back to me again to go look for it. It must've worked, because something compelled me to try it again, but this time do a more thorough search, it has to be there, right? And it was.

Ergo is my Missing Shoe Theory - the Ignorance is Bliss Theory --- and here is where it gets more interesting.

-----image: my "lost shoe" ---

"The Babylon Code..." -- Paul McGuire

In an article written by Paul McGuire, on News With Views - -
He tells us of a "New World Order" that might just be grooming itself to be in the not so distant future as some are to think. Using an ancient town, written in the Christian Bible, the "Tower of Babel" one might remember, he uses Babylon as a prior example of an attempt to create a One World Religion, but by the hand of God's intervention, what did God do to Babylon at the Tower of Babel that fateful day? Exactly. He split up the languages of the people who all spoke just one common language into many different languages and no one could understand another unless they heard the same foreign language being spoken and they all grouped themselves together and left the Tower of Babel and roamed on across the deserts to form their own countries and settlements. Hence, the world never got underway to a One World religious order because God intervened that from happening. Is it about to happen again?

It just might if we are to be IGNORANT AS BLISS of a population of people who just don't care anymore or see that they can't do anything to change that because it's going to happen anyway so why not just let it? The Missing Shoe Theory comes into play.

It's right there in front of our faces but we refuse to "see" it anymore; we gave up, we let it go, we're not thinking for ourselves anymore because our "leaders" are doing the thinking for us and we are allowing that. Isn’t this where my article on “Involvement” comes in also? I wrote three of those here first, and didn’t know I’d be relating those two into here yet. Another “revelation” maybe?

Paul McGuire writes, "Our entire planet is convulsing from the massive changes coming to our economic, political, and religious systems. Watching our television news and social media, millions of people are simply overwhelmed by events; it is as if our collective unconscious is being infected with dread and despair." Now don't conclude that he just came into thought about this, he's been exponentially researching this for many years. His "bio" in this article states that he is an author of 22 books, one like "The Day the Dollar Died", and "Are You Ready for the Microchip". He hosted his own radio talk show, "The Paul McGuire Show" for 10 years and a frequent guest on Fox News and CNN. He produced "two science fiction films in Hollywood, and The History Channel did a 2-hour special with Paul McGuire 'Seven Signs of the Apocalypse'.
As he writes in this article, "The Babylon Code..." he had interviewed "numerous world leaders, Presidents and Prime Ministers".
So, he's not exactly rather new at this perception and foretelling; although we all cannot "see" what the future will bring to us, but there are the "signs", and reading of the Bible, God's Word, is one source that can foretell us HOW to "see" the truth and be aware of what is happening "right in front of our eyes."
--- image:

A little about Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire used to be the opposite of conservatism, he "demonstrated with radical activist Abbie Hoffman and made an honorary member of the Black Panther Party." That's being EXTREME as we know what the Black Panther Party did during the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections (intimated voters to get Barack Obama into the White House in both elections).
But then Paul had a revelation, a "miraculous experience hitchhiking in a remote area similar to the movie 'Field of Dreams', and "rethought his socialist and humanist world view and rejected it as completely false." Remember “Field of Dreams”? “If you build it, he will come.” Build what? Who “will come”? That’s what the wife in the movie asked. We finally found out later in the movie, but what was Paul’s “Field of Dreams”? “If you write it, they will see.” ??
Was it "miraculous"? Or was there an "intervention" of thought going on there? We won't know that, but God Bless Paul that he came to his senses and now he "sees" what some of us need to see and he's letting us into his view of things to come by the extensive research he came to know.
image: -- with editing by me.---------------------------------

"and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark..." Rev. 13:17

You might have heard or read about these "microchips" being thought about to be implanted into us for use of paying by microchip instead of the US dollar, because the US dollar has been so grossly devalued of late. We see how little use its about to be made from what we buy to what he save in our banks, and if you've been saving your "dollar" in a bank account, you've been seeing how little interest it's making, even with $10,000 in a savings account, it's so ridiculously worthless! So, here we are with a devalued dollar, America has gone from paying out in "cash" to using credit cards, to VISA debit cards, and now we learn we can use a "mobile APP" on our cell phones to swipe a payment out instead of using cash. Is this telling you something?

Paul McGuire writes, "Clearly, other countries around the world, including the U.S., are quickly moving to a global cashless economic system. The final step would be the use of some kind of microchip or nano-chip implant…and a person could not buy or sell without this technology." Uh-oh! Where in the Bible did we read something about that? Sounds familiar? {emphasis mine}

And what does the Bible say about that? You might find it quite revealing that there is a chapter and verse about this very thing in the Bible, all it takes is one to look it up, because it's "right in front of our faces."

------- image:

“Global Economics, One World Government”

Here is where Paul's article comes into this theory:" the “solutions being implemented and proposed all contain the elements of globalism and the creation of some kind of new global economic, political, and religious order. It is as if history is repeating itself because thousands of years ago Mankind attempted to deal with similar problems by creating the world’s first one world religion, one world government, and one world economic system at the Tower of Babel in ancient Babylon, founded by Nimrod. Ancient Babylon was a globalist society built on mysterious but real science, technologies, and spiritual systems that have been passed on for many thousands of years through a secret priesthood. This is why it is no accident that a Babylonian commercial and economic system known as Mystery Babylon is prophesied to return, in the Book of Revelation 17:5."

Aha! The "Book of Revelation", everyone who reads the Bible likely reads the Book of Revelations before anything else. It's one of the most popular books of the Bible for everyone, my Pastor of my church said it in his sermons. Why is that? Because it’s sort of ominous, mysterious, and if you can understand it, might be a little scary, but one thing is certain...."Put your trust in the Lord, for He is Great and Omnipotent, and He is just."

Paul McGuire wrote that he's "been researching Babylon for many decades"; and he also "partnered with Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, in deciphering the coding system embedded in the Tower of Babel". He and his partner believe that they've uncovered "some of these 'mysteries'", that he found some "secret priesthood who plan to radically restructure our society based on the 'Mystery Religions' of ancient Babylon." He and his partner co-wrote a book coming out in October called, "The Babylon Code." Hmmm, “October surprise”? Maybe?
{my emphasis}

Well, we first heard about "The Da Vinci Code" ---it was made into a movie with Tom Hanks, as the main character, and if you've seen that or read the book, you know what that was about - seeing certain "symbols" around the world, most of them at the Vatican, that lead to some "secret monastery" society who hid the story behind Mary Magdalene, the purposed prostitute who was saved by Jesus Christ. Of course, it's just a movie, who's to believe that theory?

So now we have "The Babylon Code" coming out in a book by Paul McGuire and purportedly his accomplice, Troy Anderson.
You can read the rest of the article on that, but here is where I read on how our ignorance comes into play with the thoughts on "globalism", the Left's surmising that we give in to their demands on these culture wars, giving in to the "changes" going on with homosexuality, transgender-izing, demeaning Christian faiths calling us all bigots and racists because we disagree with their thinking of acceptance, intolerance, and most of all, ignorance in allowing all of this to be "in front of our faces." Why? Here is one of those reasons, and Paul explains it most articulately:

“On a global cultural level the lower classes, middle class, and managerial classes, which includes prime ministers, presidents, senators, CEO’s, scientists, and college professors are clueless about what is really happening because they suffer from a socially engineered myopia and they cannot connect the dots because their brains have been programmed from youth to be left brain dominant. This means that they are good at thinking inside of the box and following orders. But due to social engineering they are unable to access their right brain, which is creative and could ask the big questions and connect the dots. When the neurological pathways are trained from childhood to bypass the right brain, eventually people become hollow shells who are able to conform to the artificial norms of society and are programmed to serve their scientific or technocratic masters.
An example of how this programming works is the social engineering system called Common Core, which is designed to create people who are capable of group think and connecting with the hive mind and ‘World Brain,’ but not capable of thinking as empowered individuals.”
Aha! There you have it! “...not capable of thinking as empowered individuals.” BINGO! Whatever happened to thinking for yourself?


"It's all in plain sight."

“Left brain dominant”. Interesting he came up with that analogy. I happen to be left handed in most things I do, write left handed, eat left handed, do a lot of things left handed, but it has been surmised and reported that those who are left hand dominant are using more of their right side brains as their dominant side than their left, hence, left handed people are in their “right minds”. That might sound cliché, of course, but it is scientifically correct. Maybe by the Grace of God I was born to be left handed, and my thinking process has been dominated by my use of the right side of my brain, I’ve come to be more of creative writing as I grew older. I wasn't clear on that earlier in my youth, but I had very good grades in cursive writing styles, when we had cursive writing classes back then, not so much in schools now, as we've seen. But here is where Paul mentions “Common Core” --- again, we are saddled with globalists, elitists and legislators and Presidents who think we need Common Core practices in our schools and look where that’s lead us to. Our children are more confused than before, they can’t grasp simple math problems….have you seen the math they are learning lately? It makes my head scream for “What the heck kind of math is THIS?!”

This is the start of globalism, people, and if you didn’t see it before, it was staring you “right in front of your faces” for quite some time, and your ignorance to it has resulted in indoctrinating your children, and your children’s children will continue on with this same propagandizing if you and we are not “involved” as much as we should be, as much as we’d better be.

Just remember this, for those who are living in the United States, where we had, and still do, hopefully, our Declaration of Independence, where our Founders wrote for our benefits, for our futures, our children’s children’s futures, and where we have to be constantly diligent in remembering our history’s past and as we’ve learned that history can repeat itself, because it already has, our Declaration of Independence tells us, no it compels us, to do what is needed to do, and that is: “"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Declaration of Independence.

So when you’re missing that shoe, or missing that trinket of yours, and you know where it was but somehow it moved out of sight, maybe it’s still there, right in front of your face.

And as “The World Turns”, be aware of what is “right in front of your face” as well.
Maybe Paul McGuire touched on the very thing we should be alerted as in “The days of our lives”, because “It is all in plain sight.”

----- image:


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Married, 25 yrs. by July 4, 2015; US Army veteran (25 yrs), retired, Bachelor Science degree in Computer Info Systems (2001). Politically involved in my community, county and country.

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author avatar Retired
4th Jun 2015 (#)

There are some interesting thoughts here, but also some errors.

For one thing, the idea of "learning from history" is one that needs to be challenged. It is very dangerous to assume that past circumstances are being repeated, and that therefore the solutions that did not work the first time round must be rejected now - simply because of the need not to repeat history. Circumstances are always different, and so all solutions must be thought afresh, without reference to what happened before.

Also, it is dangerous to rely on ancient myths as a guide to current action. You cite both the Da Vinci Code and the Babylon Code as though they were equally valid. Actually, they are equally invalid - Dan Brown's ideas were pure invention, as was the notion of the Tower of Babel - a typical piece of mythology used by ancient people to explain what they could not understand but which is fully understood in later times, namely how languages develop.

I would also ask you to be careful about using the expression "our country" on the assumption that all your readers are American. Wikinut is a UK-based site that has a worldwide readership.

I hope you will forgive my frankness - like you I am a left-handed right-brainer!

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author avatar Retired
4th Jun 2015 (#)

John, if I may be so bold, you sound like a know-it-all who just runs around correcting everyone. This is a fantastic article, DeAnna, and I can tell a LOT of hard work and effort went into it. Maybe it will wake some people. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is one of the definitions of insanity. I like many of the points you brought out in this article and it was all very interesting reading!

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author avatar Retired
4th Jun 2015 (#)

I agree - doing the same thing repeatedly does not make sense if the original problem is the same. However, my point is that the original problem is very rarely the same, so the old mantra of "learning from history" cannot be taken at face value.

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author avatar CityJoe
4th Jun 2015 (#)

Great piece, DeAnna. Maybe it will help some people shake off their complacency!

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author avatar Catherine
4th Jun 2015 (#)

Great piece! Keep up the good work!

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author avatar DeAnna C. Utz
4th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you, Jessica and "City Joe", you both "got it" right. As I pointed out, John, I did state, "For those living in the United States" when quoting the Declaration of Independence and our Constituion, so that those who do read this are living in the USA can relate and remember our Founding Fathers' most precious and living documents.I know this is a "UK-based site" with a "worldwide readership", John, my "right-brainer" use doesn't need reminding of that. But maybe, we who are writing these from "our country", the USA, we are writing these to alert to the "worldwide readership" of the signs and history of our very own country that could happen to other countries as well. The whole world is watching the United States, and rely on us as their backup and backbone to their whole way of life; economy wise (as we trade in exports and imports with various countries), humanitarian needs (we do supply needful humanitarian needs to countries in need when they have a "crisis", like flooding, devastations from earth quakes ....etc, etc, maybe read your newspapers once in a while as what the United States have done (even to your country, the UK) at times; hence the need for articles like this, and others, coming from USA writers are trying to tell you people in the UK and elsewhere that, yes, history can and does repeat itself. And like Jessica did state, "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". And as my country (ok, next time I write and use a statement like that I'll say "my country" instead of "our country") has been looking lately, the governments we've had, the administrations we've had and are having now, it looks to me as though our own leaderships (our legislators, Congressman and President - at this time our current President now - and by using "our" I mean MY country) are seemingly to be devoid of learning from MY country's history, or they are using another country's past history to doom America, And the world doesn't need nor want an America (the United States of America) to be a doomed country, because the world needs this country of mine, America. The world needs to know we are a "free" country, that came from the roots of our country's Founding Fathers, who came from YOUR country, the UK, that suppressed them to the point of leaving the UK. Hence we got the United States of America, not the United Kingdom of North America. Glad some of your countrymen had the forethought of leaving a country suppressing their desires to be FREE and instilled that into a new country that they formed, forever into the historical records of my country's time, and letting us know that we'd better be forever watchful not to repeat the same mistakes that these Founding Fathers came from in order to stave off a tyrannical government suppression. And it looks to be heading that way that when one of our smartest Founding Fathers, and an inventor, told a passerby, after he and 54 others signed the Declaration of Independence, in answering the passerby's question, "So, what kind of country are we?" Benjamin Franklin answered, "A Republic, if you can keep it".

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author avatar Retired
4th Jun 2015 (#)

I heard a great line from an American professor of history who said that the Pilgrim Fathers did not seek freedom from persecution as much as the freedom to persecute!

Many of those who fled the UK to found new colonies were from particularly strict and severe religious sects who were incapable of living alongside people who did not share their views. This mindset continued to operate in the colonies, with any dissent being severely repressed.

Some of those original attitudes have lasted down the centuries, but it must also be stressed that the modern US is extremely varied from the influence of all the immigrants from many countries and backgrounds that made their way there in the meantime.

It must also be stressed that 21st century Britain is very different from that of the 17th and 18th centuries, although some Americans appear to think otherwise!

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author avatar Retired
5th Jun 2015 (#)

Nice piece, DeAnna, despite what your more vocal (and annoying) commenters had to say.

Don't you wish some people would just go away? Evaporate?

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