The Plot To Seize The White House

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Russia is no longer a threat to the United States; the real enemy is the enemy within.

The Plot To Seize The White House

Those of us who lived through the so-called Cold War were led to believe the biggest threat to world freedom, to peace, and the likeliest cause of World War III, was the Soviet Union. That monstrosity is now gone, whether or not it was brought down by the West or collapsed under its own weight remains to be seen, but it is never coming back.

One would have thought, expected, hoped, that the West would have been magnanimous in victory, and indeed for a while we seemed to have entered a new era. True, there were still many international problems like Cambodia and then the genocide in Rwanda, but the new spirit of cooperation between East and West boded well.

The election of Donald Trump against the odds seemed to have cemented that. Like Vladimir Putin, Trump is a strong man who believes in putting the interests of his country first, and during his campaign for the presidency he was clear that he would like to cooperate with Russia, and indeed with China. Nuclear Armageddon was no longer the main threat to the world, instead there was a new manifestation of international terrorism which saw Islamist fanatics murdering people at random with no regard for their own lives. This threat remains, but a potentially far more serious one has been revealed.

Although coverage by the mainstream media has for the most part been muted, and almost totally derisory, leading Republican politicians and independent organisations, most notably the government watchdog Judicial Watch, have uncovered a nest of vipers at the heart of the American establishment. When Hillary Clinton announced she was running for President, it was assumed she would win. Among other things she was supported by Barack Obama, who for all his faults remained a charismatic and popular politician. Clinton had one big obstacle though, that was Bernie Sanders, who although even older than her had a particular appeal for young voters. This problem was solved by stitching up the self-styled democratic socialist behind the scenes.

With this problem disposed of, there remained only beating her Republican rival, which turned out to be Donald Trump. Most pundits regarded the billionaire real estate magnate and playboy turned reality TV star as a joke candidate, as did Clinton and her supporters, so in order to cripple the Republic challenge they set about secretly building him up in the media, oblivious to the reality that while she toured the country half-heartedly preaching to half-empty halls, Trump was playing to full crowds and working behind the scenes to garner the endorsement of the black churches.

Next came the claim that Trump had colluded with the Russians, whatever was meant by that: Vladimir Putin personally or his agents. The dirty tricks campaign against Trump saw the production of the so-called Trump dossier, a collection of scurrilous stories said to have been assembled by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent. This piece of trash was hawked around the mainstream media, all of which refused to publish it, it was then taken to the White House and the media tipped off, a cynical tactic that was used to boost what little credibility it appeared to have.

Even after Trump was ensconced in the White House, the conspirators did not give up, and it has now been revealed why. The Steele dossier was used as the basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, and those involved whose names are now a matter of public record, have shown this to be a conspiracy of breath-taking proportions. After initial denials it was revealed that Hillary Clinton had herself financed the dossier, something she has the temerity to call opposition research. The funding was carried out surreptitiously through a law firm, something that may well have broken campaign finance laws. James Comey, then head of the FBI, has been exposed as another of the conspirators, though an incredibly inept one who - perhaps in an effort to cover his own back - implicated Loretta Lynch, who was Attorney General under Obama. And this is where it gets even murkier.

The establishment wanted Clinton to win because it seems that almost everyone at the top of the tree including the Department Of Justice and the FBI was either in on the plot or looking the other way. During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private server for her e-mail correspondence, something that is strictly prohibited. She did this because she and her former President husband were operating what Trump alluded to as a pay-to-play scheme, selling influence to corporations and foreign governments alike, with payments made either direct to Bill Clinton or to their family foundation. But the Clinton Foundation is not simply a money making machine raking it in for one family; according to financial analyst Charles Ortel, it is the biggest unprosecuted fraud in history (outside of the banking system itself). This explains the inertia of all those tasked with investigation the Foundation.

The Clinton server scandal was uncovered by Judicial Watch through Freedom Of Information requests. The evidence against Hillary Clinton is now so overwhelming that Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asked recently why she hadn’t been arrested.

Even as these words are written, the spurious investigation into Trump-Russia collusion is proceeding under former FBI Director Robert Mueller. This probe has now been running for a staggering eight months, and has turned up nothing to implicate Trump, and with good reason. In the so-called free world, all our electronic communications are monitored. This was revealed seven years before the birth of Edward Snowden! In 1976, Duncan Campbell published his classic article The Eavesdroppers which highlighted the role of GCHQ in the UK. The NSA monitors British telecommunications while GCHQ monitors American communications. Information is passed between the two, which enables the American legal authorities to claim they have not spied on suspects without warrant, a claim that is both technically correct and inherently dishonest. Leaving that aside, the abuse of the FISA process has taken things to a whole new level. If its unelected rulers succeed in deposing a democratically elected President while the real criminals go free, America will become a dictatorship in all but name. Some would say it already has.

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author avatar Charles Krafft
25th Feb 2018 (#)

The narrative now is that Bernie Sanders was robbed of his place on the election ticket by Hillary's Deep State operatives. Nobody in the USA has made the conjecture thar he took a fall for the team. I think he missed his cue and conceeded before he had to at the convention. Was I the only person in the country who saw his wife waddle up to the podium and explain to why the crowd's applauding was drowning out his concession speech?

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