The Powers of British Prime Minister

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British Prime Minister is one of the most powerful P.M as compare to other Premiers of the democratic Countries. He has a great power in Britain in fact more than Queen or king because the Prime Minister can take any step for the national interest without Queen/ing confidence. Constitutionally British Prime Minister has more power than the President of United State of America.

The Position of the British Prime Minister

The position and the status of the British Prime Minister in the government of his country has always been a subject of much discussions and many comments. Gladstone observed that "nowhere in the wide world does so great a substance cast so small a shadow; nowhere there is who has so much powers, with so little to show for it in the way of formal little or prerogative." The British Prime Minister has no statutory duties. He draws his salary not as a Prime Minister but as the first lord of the Treasury. His office was not legally recognised till very recently, and, then only indirectly by the Royal warrant of 1905 and the Ministers of the crown act of 1937.

Leader of the Majority Party

The Prime Minister is the leader of the majority party in the house of commons and the Prime Minister holds a great power and authority. The majority party wants their leaders to be successful. If the Prime Minister succeed and if the people support their policies then the members, the backbenchers also share in his success.


The British Prime Minister has great powers of appointment, removal, and granting rewards, honours and titles.

Party Whips

Prime Minister has several party whips the government whips, headed by the chief whips. The duty is to informed the P.M regarding the opinions of his party members and to rally them to support the P.M when he is under attack on the floor of the house. For this purpose, the whips have many minor gifts to win their support, such as places on the committees, membership of the council of Europe or the European Assembly.

Leadership of the Cabinet

The P.M is the chairman of the cabinet and coordinator of its policy. This is the most important factor in strengthening his position. In this respect, his position, though always strong, has become more strong during the present century.

Influence Over the mass media

The British P.M is always under the eyes of media. He is a close student of public opinion and an expert in propaganda. He must now what to say, when to say, and when not to say because he should know what will happen if he gives any wrong statement. The P.M has great opportunities to influence public opinion by his speeches inside and outside of the Parliament, by press release, radio talks, and television coverage.

Right to choose the date of election

The Prime Minister is the only person who can decide to hold a general election. It is an advantage for the Prime Minister as he will look around himself and the overall situation, if the conditions suits him then he would announce the election otherwise he will wait for the right time.

Major Powers

1: British P.M is the shining star among the premiers.
2: Dominant role in the parliament and the whole machinery.
3: He is a Cabinet Chief.
4: He is leader of the house.
5: A national leader.
6: He has charismatic personality.
7: He is the bridge between Queen and Cabinet.
8: He will have to set the conduct of foreign affairs.

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